Staff working on cruise ships

This department is the liveliest of all since it is in charge of the entertainment of the passengers both aboard the ship as well as ashore. The size of the department and subsequently the number of vacancies will vary from ship to ship, depending on its size. This category of staff is required to interact openly and freely with the passengers and hence they would require excellent communication skills above the specific requirements of the job. Since this department is in charge of entertainment, they would have to always be cheerful, polite and exude a positive attitude for the benefit of the passengers. Though they would be having normal working hours, since they have to always interact with the passengers, this job sometimes would feel like a 24X7 job. The only real off these people enjoy is, the port days when they leave the ship. Even then, the cruise staff who are in charge of the on-shore activities would be on-duty. On the other hand, the salaries of the cruise staff are comparable to the very best in the industry.

Below each position in the department has been described briefly for an idea of what it entails and what you can expect as remuneration.

  • Cruise Director: He/ she will be the overall in-charge of all the entertainment related activities. He/she will also act as acting master of ceremonies along with the Captain of the ship, in the evening shows, events and/or social activities. The applicant will be expected to have professional entertainment experience and background with 2-5 years experience on land or on the ship. Among the skills required will be excellent communication skills (fluency in English), motivational ability, good managerial skills, ability to delegate and supervise different responsibilities, and preferably one more European language knowledge. The salary range for this post is between US and 7500.
  • Assistant Cruise Director: The incumbent will assist the Cruise Director by coordinating the jobs, activities and responsibilities of the cruise staff, as directed by the Cruise Director. He/she will have to act as master of ceremonies at special occasions. The requirements for this job would be to have a hospitality background, have strong managerial and communication skills, be a good motivator and have excellent organizational and supervisory skills. The salary range for this position is between US and 2700.
  • Social Hostess: The hostess mostly acts as the name indicates. She will be the one who will introduce the Captain to the passengers; she conducts special activities for the passengers where she can act as the Master of the Ceremony. Other than that she is answerable to the Cruise Director. The salary expected for this job is anything between US and 2400. There is also a great possibility to get promoted to the post of Cruise Director within 2-3 years.
  • Cruise staff: The cruise staff will directly work under the supervision of the Assistant Cruise Director and will be responsible for organizing and conducting different activities such golf, bingo, quizzes, etc which will keep the passengers entertained and active. The applicant is supposed to have excellent communication skills, fluency in English as well as some experience in this line. The salary ranges between US to 2100; the position can be promoted to Assistant Cruise Director within 1-3 years.
  • Disc Jockey: The incumbent would be expected to organize and play music that is suitable for young and old, taking into consideration the likes and dislikes of the passengers. The applicant should definitely have some experience in this line, preferably in night clubs, five/seven star hotels, or high end resorts; he/she should also have a good command on English. The salary for this post ranges between US and 2000 per month.
  • Fitness instructors: This person would be directly responsible for teaching and coaching sports and fitness activities necessary for the passengers. The applicant will be required to have specialized qualification such as RSA/ YMCA exercise to music/ Step certificate/ aerobic qualification or its international equivalent. The fitness instructor is expected to offer personal fitness classes to the passengers, conduct aerobic classes and oversee the gymnasium. Exceptional command on English is required. The salary will be in the range of US -2200 per month.
  • Youth activities coordinator: This is a job which will involve mostly the management and entertainment of children. The applicant should have some experience with motivating and child care, should be fluent in English and have loads of patience. The salary will be in the range of US -2200.
  • Scuba diving/ Water sports instructor: This person will be responsible for teaching and conducting daily scuba diving classes, snorkeling programs and related activities. He will also be in charge of maintaining the equipment. The applicant will be required to have some experience in this line and be fluent in English. The salary ranges between US to 2100.
  • Golf Instructor: This person would be required to play golf with the passengers as well as operate and maintain the golf simulator. Obviously the incumbent should be familiar with golf and be able to play well; he/she should be fluent in English. The person should be able to teach golf to the passengers (young or old) with equal enthusiasm and patience. He/she should possess exceptional motivational skills since they would need to promote the on-board operation among the passengers, be able to conduct independently on-shore excursions (as well as promote and sell them). The salary ranges between US and 3800.