Stone Mason Career Profile

Stone mason careers are becoming more and more popular. Due to the nature of the work, only certain types of people are able to perform the duties of a stone mason. Heavy rocks must be lifted, transported and trimmed into the right shapes and forms. This constant workout can only be handled by men and women who are in great physical shape and health. Also, mason careers are typically outdoor. This makes working during a rain or snow storm nearly impossible. Many stone masons work independently while others work for large construction companies.

Types of Stone Mason Work

Stone masons can build several types of indoor and outdoor features out of many different types of stone. The most common type of stones used by stone masons are sedimentary rocks like limestone and flagstone. These stones are typically a yellow or orange color. Stone masons also use metamorphic rocks like marble and slate, and igneous rocks like granite. Because each rock has different density and breaking points, stone masons must work and cut each stone in a different manner, being careful to avoid unwanted breakage. Stone masons will use these stones to make indoor and outdoor fire places, outdoor patios and walls, as well as different types of sculptures and monuments.

Typical Day

Stone masons must find clients, bid projects, and create designs before they can begin their work. Depending on the size of the company, this might take time. It is important for stone masons to time jobs in a manner so they have very few days off in between each job. The typical day of a stone mason depends on the project and how far along they have come on that project. For example, if the stone mason is building a wall, they may spend a few days clearing the space, transporting the stones needed for the wall, and then cutting the stone to fit the style of the wall. After the initial process is over, they are able to begin putting the pieces together. These materials do not simply appear; stone masons must create relationships with local quarries where they can buy stone for each project.

Stone Mason Training

Many stone masons begin their career as teenagers following in the footsteps of their parents. Stone masonry is an art that is not acquired over night. It takes years and years to master techniques and patterns. Many stone masons have several years of experience in construction work, where they have learned the basics of building structures. There are, however, vocational schools throughout the world where people can learn how to become a stone mason. Another way to learn is through an apprenticeship where an experienced stone mason will guide you through the process of the work.

Mason Salary

A mason salary varies by the type of work they are doing and the level of experience they have. Independent stone masons bid on each job based on how long the job will take and how detailed their work will be. Usually, the more detailed the work, the longer the job will take, and therefore the more the stone mason can charge.