Summer jobs for the teen

First of all let us clarify the definition of a teenager. A child who has turned 11 has stepped into teens. From 11 to 19 years old you are called a teenager. While 11 years old is a bit young for really getting a job ' I personally think that a job will never harm any kid. There are many children in this world that can learn life's lessons by doing a job ' and that experience is invaluable. You will also learn the value of money ' which again is invaluable a lesson.

Once you decide you want to have a job ' whatever be your age you should organize yourself on how to get it. There are a fiveground rules in getting a job. I will briefly touch each of them below:

  • Rule No 1: The first rule about a job is that you should be totally organized about approach. You can make up a list of what jobs are available in your neighborhood and then according to the job you want to apply for, you should have a brief CV, which says about age, and capabilities. Your CV should preferably be types, but if not possible you could have neatly written ' as to why do you think you are good for the job. A 'professional' approach will gain a lot of respect in the eyes of your prospective employer.
  • Rule No 2: Be clear about what you want and what you can do. When you approach anyone for the job, learn what they expect of you. If you cannot do it ' you let the person know about your limitations upfront. Also find out how much the job is going to pay and be frank if it does not really suit you. When the job is given to you, both you and your employer should be very clear of what one expects from the other and what each will get from the other.
  • Rule no 3: Bank on the goodwill of every adult you know. The first in this category are your teachers. A reference from your teachers is the best possible because it directly shows your value. Next are your parents, since when they recommend you they stand guarantee for your performance. You need to rope all the recommendations you can get ' this is called networking in adult world and it will stand you in good stead when you are an adult as well.
  • Rule no 4: Be ready to prove you are responsible. When you want to take a job ' for whatever reason (money, experience, being cool, etc) the adults who love you and care for you will worry whether you are neglecting your studies for it. Be sure you prove to them you are responsible and give first priority to the studies. Any teenagers who neglect his studies (his primary duty) cannot really be counted with a job either, in the eyes of the adults.
  • Rule no 5: Project a sunny and confident disposition. The adults usually hire a teenager because they a breath of fresh air to the customers. Whether they are working in a shopping mall, or assisting in typing, of delivering pizzas, people like a smiling teenager full of life and zest around them. Make sure you project that image when you are ready to get a job. Present ability is one of the most valuable qualifications you can have.

You follow these five rules and you cannot fail in getting a job ' whenever you want or need one. All the best!