Summer work for teenagers

When you reach your teens you will find yourself short of cash most of the times. Since your parents would give you a moderate allowance, you would have to make up for the deficit yourself. How? Simple - by taking up a summer job. There is plenty of summer work for teens and this is a great opportunity to gain some first hand knowledge in wealth creation. You would definitely see the dollar in a different light once you work for it.

Summer is the best time to gain some cash and experience (may not be always in that order) Some good places to look for summer work for teens:

Your neighborhood - Yes, your own neighborhood is teeming with opportunities and summer work for teens at every step:

  • Baby sitting - this is one of the commonest summer jobs for teens. If you are good at it and prove that you are responsible and dependable, you might get the job even after the summer.
  • Lawn mowing - almost everyone needs and wants this job to be delegated. You will need to be sincere and work hard to build a reputation at this and then jobs would come to you as satisfied 'clients' would recommend you to their friends.
  • Walking dogs - you could offer to walk the dogs of your neighbors and earn quite a tidy sum while doing so. For this you would need to love dogs and have a minimum understanding of their habits.
  • Give tuitions to younger children - many parents in the neighborhood may not have sufficient time to look into or help their children with homework and studies. You might offer to be of help here and earn both a great reputation as well as a good stipend.
  • Run errands for senior citizens or busy homemakers - you might offer your services to shop for groceries, fill up gas, pay the bills, etc. for senior citizens and busy homemakers who would be happy to have you around for help and pay you for your services.
  • Paper route - do not underestimate the paper route. You could make a tidy sum with this occupation and side by side have sufficient exercise.
  • Shopping malls - most shopping malls would require extra hands during summer. Just remember that this position needs a responsible and dependable person. The pay is low initially, but with time - after you prove yourself - you may get plenty of raises in emoluments as well as responsibilities.

Other interesting options in summer jobs for teens:

Freelancing - do you like to write ? Do you have any talents that you could sell on the Internet? There are plenty of freelancing sites out there which accept persons who are 13 years and older. You could choose to write articles, advertisements, slogans, movie scripts, computer programs - you name it. Look up the Internet for anything that might attract you and use your best talents. This pays very well and has the convenience of offering you a job without asking you to leave your home. This is not only a great summer jobs for teens, but also one that can be possibly extremely lucrative.

Selling on eBay - you might have heard about eBay. Selling things on eBay is one of the easiest ways to make money. This is not exactly one of the summer work for teens- rather a business proposition for teens.

Making crafts for sale on order - are you a great artist? Do you like to paint? Do you make pottery? Do you embroider well? Do you knit? Can you paint on glass? Can you make lovely things out of basically worthless things? Can you grow bonsai plants? Can you raise a nursery? Can you breed bids, dogs, cats or exotic fish? Look inside yourself and identify something you love to do and are good at it. Commercialize it and you will end up having both fun and money.

Organize a ball or a theme party - you might like to organize a great fun theme party where you could ask your friends to come with any gift worth -3. Organize a lottery with tickets worth and ask your friends to take part in it. Announce that 50% of the surplus would go to the local church - and keep your word. Encouraged by the charity element and tempted by the possibility of winning a prize double the cost of the ticket, people would buy your tickets. You could also organize throwing-a-nickel through water into the cup for a prize (you keep the nickel), or shooting balloons with darts, and many such other games which are fun and can raise you money.

Teach a new language - do you know any foreign languages? You could find a job in teaching younger kids. Be sure to be sincere in your efforts.

Be a soccer referee - This is quite unusual among the summer jobs for teens. There is generally no age bar for this job. All you need is to have a good knowledge of the game


At home - This is indeed the last place that you would look for summer jobs for teens. However, this is one of the best places to look for a job. Find out what your parents specifically do not like to do and offer to do that task for a token amount. Be sure to be reasonable so your parents would not be hurt by your attitude. Such chores might include:

  • Taking the garbage out every night
  • Washing the dishes after dinner
  • Washing the clothes of the family
  • Dusting and keeping the house clean and tidy
  • Cooking
  • Taking care of the pets (feeding, bathing, walking, etc)
  • Waxing the car
  • Weeding in the garden
  • Mowing the lawn

In order to get summer work for teens you need to be constantly on the lookout for an offer. Dress decently and be aware of your personal hygiene and habits. The summer work for teens, goes to those teens who look decent and trustworthy.

You might like to advertise your services or products through interest-generating flyers that you could design and print from your own computer at home. Another way to broadcast your services is by word of mouth. Ensure that you network with like-minded people and you gain visibility among your peer group.

Once you find your job, ensure that you save some money - aim at 25-75 percent - in a bank account for your future expenses and needs. This is a wonderful occasion to start saving for your future requirements.