Tax Attorney Employment

Tax Attorney Employment ? What You Need To Know

Taxes are extremely important part of the legal system and every person out there is connected to this aspect or other. As long as the system of taxes is in place ? which would definitely not disappear in the near future at least ? there would be need for tax attorneys.

Tax Attorney - The Career

Wherever you would live, not only in the USA, but anywhere in the world taxes would be a compulsory requirement whether it is for an individual or it is for a corporate. In US some tax laws are complicated and some are easy to follow. The law however, does not excuse anyone who does not comply with the tax requirements because they were not aware about it. Hence, there would always be a great demand for tax attorney jobs.

As a tax attorney your work would be to help the regular citizen or the corporate who is your client to file their taxes as required by the law and at the same get them as much relief as possible. Tax attorney jobs would generally entail establishing a bridge between the tax payer and the Government by assisting them with advice, audit and protection from fines among other tasks.

The main focus of the tax attorney job is to help clients with audit. The tax attorney?s duty is to provide advice and assistance particularly in the field of audits. There are far too many complications that arise from taxes in business, self-employment, large corporations as well as individuals. Tax law changes year which adds to the confusion and insecurity of the clients. A tax attorney is an invaluable tool for clients to stay within the prescribed rules of the law.

Educational Requirement For Tax Attorney Employments

You need to have a license ? this is the first pre-requisite for any of the tax attorney jobs available anywhere in the USA. For this purpose you must pass the Multi-State Bar Exam or the MBE as it is called. Each State has different requirements and hence, to practice or gain any tax attorney employment in that State you will need to pass the exam in that State. Some states would require you to pass pre-bar exams such ethics exams ? you would need to check out the requirements specific to the State you want to practice in.

The basic educational requirement before you would be eligible to apply for the BAR exam is that you (i) earned a bachelor?s degree (any subject of your choice) and (ii) law degree from any American Bar Association accredited school. A third method is that you might by-pass the law school in favor of four years apprenticeship under a senior tax attorney. This third option is accepted for tax attorney employment in a limited number of states only.

You will need to emphasize on subjects such as accounting, tax structuring, corporate tax, partnership tax, estate tax, etc., have a Masters in accounting (emphasizing on tax). For the list of the best schools you could attend to become a tax attorney, check out and among others. Some reputed schools you would like to consider are:

  • Kaplan University
  • Concord Law School
  • Strayer University Online
  • Strayer University
  • Virginia College Online
  • Maric College
  • Gibbs College
  • Katharine Gibbs School
  • Florida Metropolitan University
  • Sanford-Brown College

Compensation For Tax Attorney Employment

The tax attorney jobs are usually great jobs for those who love numbers and long hours of work. The pay is great ? usually starts at US ,000 as associate attorney and can reach as high as you want it in just five to six years of practice. There is never a dull moment when you take up tax attorney employment. You might have problems in keeping track of the billable hours initially, because all the tax attorney jobs involve more background work than anything else.

In order to improve your employability it would be good if you consider working for one year or two under a good law firm specializing in tax.

This is even better than you going for an LLM (master?s degree). However, it is important that you get the right break here or you would end wasting these apprenticeship years (which you could have otherwise used to earn your LLM)

There are many openings for tax attorney employment in both traditional and non-traditional sectors such as tax attorney for banks, real estate companies, insurance, administration, government, and teaching.

There is also a growing trend in companies to avail of temporary staffing instead of permanent staff and a good deal of tax attorney jobs are the result of this emerging market. Here the companies appoint tax attorneys on as-and-when-needed basis which pays a little extra per assignment than regular employment, yet does not mean continuous drain of finances from the company ? this arrangement makes the deal sweet for both parties.