Taxi Driver Job Facts

If you would you like a job where you transport people to their destinations, meet new people and work in an unsupervised atmosphere, then a job as a taxi driver may be for you.

Job Description

Taxi drivers transport people to their destinations in taxicabs, cubs or vans, for a fee. These cars are custom-made, or modified in order to carry passengers. Drivers then pick up or drop passengers off at home, schools, shopping malls, hotels, airports or bus stations. Many taxi drivers have their own cars or pay a taxi company a monthly fee to use their logo and dispatch system.

Some owners hire other drivers to drive their cars for them when they sometimes don't do it themselves. This way, cars can be used to make money as much as possible. Other drivers are hired by taxi companies to drive their cars on a full or part-time basis. Taxi drivers spend most of their time on work driving a car. Sitting in a position for a long time can get uncomfortable at some point. They must be alert while driving and must be able to prevent accidents and avoid sudden stops, turns or other driving maneuvers. Taxi drivers usually are prime targets for thefts due to the large amount of money they can make on their shifts. Drivers in large cities need to be cautious and careful.

Working Conditions

Drivers who work for taxi companies tend to do shift work. The hours can be the same every day or vary slightly. Early morning and late at night shifts are very common. A shift can be 8 to 12 hours long. Drivers tend to stop for breaks and meals between fares. Taxi drivers should also be available to work for short notice. They also tend to work during the holidays and the weekends. Self-employed taxi drivers are able to set their own hours.


Many taxi drivers have their own vehicle. These drivers are called "owner-drivers" and they pay a taxi company a monthly fee to user their car and keep the rest of the money they earn. Taxi drivers work on a full-time or part-time basis. Those who work part-time usually have other jobs as well. The income for a taxi driver depends on how many shifts and which company they work. Also, fares play a big role in earnings as well. It also tends to flow where the driver is working and earnings tend to be higher in cities that rural areas. Usually, full-time taxi drivers earn about $20,000 to $40,000 per year.

Educational Requirements

There is no minimum educational requirement for taxi drivers, they usually just need a high school diploma. Drivers usually need a safe driving experience. Taxi companies need applicants for a driving record or a background check and a credit check. Taxi-drivers should be patient with people and relax with things get tough or stressful. Many riders may not know where they are going, if they are in a big city, so taxi drivers should remain patient and know their surrounding routes well.