Teacher Job Interview tips

When an educator enters the job market, he/she finds many interviewing tips for teachers. The best of these tips is to be ready.

  • Have both answers to possible questions, and questions for the interviewers.
  • Tour the school grounds and do research on the district.
  • Look the part. Show you are a teacher.
  • Smile! Show the interviewer what the kids will see.
  • Show confidence in your teaching abilities.

Further interviewing tips for teachers include possible questions asked at the interview.

  • How do you handle difficult students?
  • What is your philosophy of teaching?
  • How you motivate students
  • How would you handle a parent/teacher confrontation?
  • Why do you teach?
  • How you keep up on the latest trends in education
  • What is your classroom management style?
  • How will you increase parent involvement?

Along with these interviewing tips for teachers come some questions for interviewers to show interest in the job and facility. Job interviews are never one-sided meetings. Interviewers should be ready and willing to answer all questions.

  • Can I see the classroom?
  • What is the average class size? You need to know if you can handle the amount.
  • What are the resources offered to teachers? Be aware of how limitations. Find out about workshops or grant opportunities. Ask how planning time will be addressed.
  • What is the policy with lesson plans? If you need to hand lesson plans in constantly this may be a sign of micromanagement.

Other interviewing tips for teachers include knowing the turnover and why it matters.

  • What is the teacher turnover like? Why did those people leave? Normal answers include moving, pregnancy, spouses reassignment etc. Reluctance to answer may show signs of trouble to come. Look for tenured teachers..
  • What are the other teachers like? Principals love to brag. This gives a view of the support you'll expect..

More interviewing tips for teachers include getting a brief tour of the school. You want to see how the teachers and students interact as well as the condition of the grounds.

  • Is there order in the school or do people roam freely?
  • Is there proper sanitation in the hallways and bathrooms? Is the school clean?
  • What is the classroom management? What is the noise level? Do teachers and students seem involved and interacting?
  • How does the administration interact with students and teachers?
  • Is the school attractive? Does it promote learning?

A final group of interviewing tips for teachers include some vital and overlooked points.

  • Interviews usually last 45 minutes. Half of that time should be spent interviewing your new boss.
  • Be prepared with photos of previous classrooms and ideas.
  • Be aware of the school's needs in advance of the interview.
  • Be aware of 'buzzwords' that are being used in the district.

Treat each school different. Use these interviewing tips for teachers. Take the best job for you.