Teaching Assistant Career Info

If you are looking for teaching assistant career info, you can learn more here. Teaching assistants, or teacher aides, work in exciting flexible, part-time and full-time careers with school districts helping students achieve educational goals and supporting the efforts of certified teachers in the classroom. While teaching assistants perform many of the same duties as professional teachers, they enjoy the freedom of working with students in many different capacities and subject matters. Read on to learn more about what teaching assistants do and if this is a possible career for you.

Educational Requirements of Teaching Assistant Jobs

In order to become a teaching assistant, educational requirements are usually a minimum of a high school diploma and some college level coursework. While this can vary by region, many teaching assistants are eligible to work in the classroom after some basic training conducted by a school district sponsored program. The training that teaching assistants receive is dependent upon what type of support is desired by the school district, but will generally be along the lines of school administrative and student support skills. In addition, teaching assistants will be required to pass criminal background checks before working with students. In many regions, teaching assistants must also pass a general testing exam to ensure they are ready to take on the challenges of being a teaching assistant.

Daily Tasks of the Teaching Assistant

A day in the life of a teaching assistant is not much different from that of a full time teacher. Teaching assistants work standard school hours or on a per diem basis. Teaching assistants report to the school that they have been offered work with and are assigned classrooms that they will be visiting or monitoring throughout the day. Once in the classroom, the teaching assistant is generally provided with a lesson plan for that day’s class by the head teacher and provides support to the teacher as the lesson is carried out. Teaching assistants will then walk around to assist students and provide other administrative support to the teacher. Once assignments are turned in, the teaching assistant will review, grade or correct the assignments for the teacher.

Benefits of Being a Teacher Assistant

For the person who enjoys working with children in the educational setting, being a teaching assistant has many perks. Being able to contribute to the success of students and participating in school related activities that improve the quality of education is a rewarding way to earn a living. Teaching assistants generally have somewhat more flexible hours than professional teachers, with holidays and weekends off, although they may be asked to help out with extra-curricular activities or when exam times require additional support. Teaching assistants can expect to earn between $10-15 USD per hour and may be eligible for bonuses and other benefits that teachers enjoy. Many teaching assistants also decide to go on for more education to become full time teachers and enjoy school district financial support for their coursework.