Technical Project Manager Career Profile

Technical project managers, or TPMs, are experts in multiple forms of technology and businesses. As a technical project manager, you might assume the role of a system administrator, network operator, analysts or a programmer. Being a technical project manager, you also should be able to formulate the technical standards for an organization.

Different Types of Technical Project Managers

The job profile of a technical project manager varies from industry to industry and at times, even from company to company. Some of the commonly known technical project managers are - Software Development Project Managers, Telecom Project Managers, Computer Networking Project Managers, IT Installations or Conversions Project Managers.

Basic Skills Required

As a technical project manager, you are required to work as a bridge between the designers, engineers and technicians while implementing new network projects. If you want to become a technical project manager, then you must be possess relevant educational qualifications and should have excellent organizational abilities.

Basic Daily Tasks

  • Preparing the status report of the project under development.
  • Communicate with the different teams involved.
  • Analyzing the seriousness of a technical problem and prioritize it based on the underlying issues.
  • Brainstorming with the technical team to come up with the solutions for the technical snags.
  • Determining the best solution through optimization, process architecture and latest developments.
  • Coordination with the technical team whenever a snag occurs and troubleshoot.
  • Motivate the technical team so that they offer their best efforts when helping clients.
  • Execute daily tasks successfully without demanding extra time, money, people and other related resources.
  • Check the quality of the project with the standard quality points.

Though the daily work schedule is routine 9 to 5, but at time of crisis, you may be required to work for irregular and long hours.


According to Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary of a technical project manager is somewhere around $88,000, per year. The pay is almost 35 percent higher than the average salary paid to other professionals.

Career Advancement Opportunities

Technical project managers are employed by government, health care service providers, educational institutions, non-profit organization or any kind of organization that is implementing some kind of technological solution. During these situations, assistance becomes vital for its successful completion. After getting enough experience, you can be promoted to Senior Technical Project Manager.

If you have been working as a technical project manager for more than 10 years, then you also can act as a consultant to various organizations and earn more than your peers. A better option would be to start a project management services firm on your own and and work with a number of clients. A large number or organizations, throughout the range of many industries, are upgrading their technological infrastructures for efficient operations.