Temp to Permanent

Many of us choose to settle for what we get in life when we don't get what we really want. This includes one's job search and career as well. Many tend to get tired in their job search and in their insecurity settle for almost anything. Their tough, long job hunt mellows them to eventually settle for a temporary job.

If you are still not satisfied with temping and moonlighting and if you still like to get a permanent job then there are certain things that are within your capabilities to ensure a fast slide into temp to permanent.

  • Be Optimistic: The first thing you have to learn is that to be optimistic, because only what is within will reflect outside. No employer wants to hire a negative person but someone who can have their chins high even in the midst of most difficult situations. Being optimistic you get to become more enthusiastic in all that you do ' a precise formula to impress your employer. Whenever there should be an opening you will be a potential candidate in their eyes.
  • Be Expressive: Learn to express yourself, your insights, suggestions and points of view in a diplomatic way. Project yourself as a person who can handle crisis situations efficiently. Also express to your employer that you would be interested to take up permanent job and you are happy to will be happy to work for him or her on long term basis.
  • Be Generous: Be generous with your time. Do not cringe to take up occasional additional responsibilities. This is a sure and fast way to your permanent job.
  • Put in Your Best: Always give your best in all that you do. Never let your attitude reflect in your work. Give a personal touch to all that you do. Be cheerful about in your temping.
  • Take Responsibility: If some thing should go wrong and if it happens to be your mistake take responsibility for the mistake and do what is rightful to compensate for the loss. Never point fingers onto others or try to justify things.

There were times when people looked down on temping. This has changed considerably today and people no more look down on temping because of increasing unemployment rate and high competition. Moreover, openings for the jobs of temporary nature is also on the increasing scale. All these have helped the society to change its outlook on temping.

Temping has rather become a goldmine for the opportunist. Yes, an opportunist makes use of everything that comes his or her way to get to where he or she wants unlike the unrealistic who wait for the opportunity to knock at their door.

More and more people tend to use temping as their doorway to permanent job. Statistics show that employers use almost 18 % of their temporary resources to fill permanent positions. May be your insecurity contributes to your fear that you might become one among the remaining 82%. May be you are afraid that you would lose your zeal for seeking for a right job elsewhere while you wait and hope to be assumed into permanent positions. It is not as hopeless as you see it to be.

Often jobseekers tend to overlook the advantages of temping. One of the basic advantages of temping is that it allows you tomoonlight. What you have often considered as insecure is precisely what gives you additional security. Temping and moonlighting is a magical blend that keeps multiple avenues open for you simultaneously. One of the basic issues that you have to pay attention while moonlighting is the taxation issues. You will have to educate yourself in this area to slip out of as much taxation as possible. It is better to get professional career advice in this area.

Compromising sometimes does pay. As long as you are clear about what you want in life you will realize that there is more than one way to achieve your goal. Temping does help as you would have something to put in your resume as your experience.