Temp work at the post office in December

Many people find work temping during Christmas using a different twist. Both the UK and US Postal Service hires Christmas help. While these are not permanent positions, they have similar issues as regular jobs within the Postal Service:

  • Physical labor - extended standing, walking carrying and reaching
  • Endurance - working outdoors in any weather, standing for hours, carrying containers and bags

Type of Work

When applying for temping work at the Postal Service during Christmas season, expect to do a variety of different jobs as you are working a support position. Here are a few of the jobs you may be doing:

  • City Carrier - you deliver mail via vehicle or on foot
  • Mail Sorting - you will operate automated processing equipment and do manual sorting also. You collate, bundle and transfer mail from one point to another
  • Mail Handling - you load and unload mail containers and move the mail and containers throughout the building
  • Counter - you handle customer requests and purchases


There are numerous advantages to temping for the Postal Service during the Christmas season. Here are just a few:

  • No need to take the job exam
  • Work for one of the largest employers in the country
  • Gain new skills and experience
  • Possibility to get permanent work


As with any type of temp work during the Christmas season, Postal Service work has limitations. While not many, you should be aware of them before applying for a position

  • Limited time frame - these are temporary positions with limited time frames for employment; most positions will end after the Christmas season
  • Work where needed - while you can pick a location to work at, the work you do can change at any time
  • No benefits - unlike regular employees you will not receive any benefits

Job Requirements

To work a Christmas temping position with the Postal Service you will need to meet the same employment requirements as the regular employees.

  • Physical requirements - you must be able to lift up to 70 pounds continuously
  • Age requirement - the minimum working age is 18
  • Citizenship - you must be a citizen of the US or UK or a legal permanent resident alien
  • Employment History - you need to provide employment history for up to 10 years prior to the application
  • Criminal History - local criminal checks are conducted before employment, with more extensive searches completed after employment
  • Drug Screen - you must pass a drug test
  • Medical Assessment - you need a physical examination to place you in a compatible job
  • Safe Driving Record - a safe driving record is required for vehicle operators

Finding a Job

If you have decided that you can fill Postal Service requirements, looking for Christmas season temping positions is the next step. Both the US and the UK Postal Services have multiple ways to apply.

  • Online - this is the easiest method for both; simply search for either Royal Mail or USPS to find their websites; then find the employment links and follow the links
  • By phone - both agencies have a toll free number to apply; simply call and follow the prompts
  • In person - while both in the US and the UK this was once the preferred method, today they may refer you to either the phone or online applications

You will need to apply early enough in the year to get one of these jobs. Usually applying online saves the application until a position is open.