Temporary jobs

Change of trend can be noticed in today's job culture ' more and more people prefer temporary jobs today. Surprisingly, professionals including doctors, lawyers, CEO's opt for temporary jobs. Some of the reasons for this change of trend are increasing pressure of unemployment and continual labor downsizing by the companies. Temporary jobs as an option is no more considered succumbing to exploitation and as low earning stream.

Temporary job vacancies are filled by the following groups of people ' 'freshers' who would like to gain some experience; those who seek to make supplementary income to meet forth coming expenses or unforeseen expenses such as medical bills etc.

Employers too have started taking advantage of the situation and use temporary jobs as a way of assessing potential permanent employees. This give companies a chance to identify the most suitable candidate who will gel with the company's requirements efficiently.

When you look into pros and cons of temporary jobs the pros seem to be relatively more.

  • Temporary jobs serve as reliable means that introduce you to corporate culture when you are fresh out of school.
  • Temporary jobs also help you assess a specific field before making it as life-career, a form of sampling or testing the waters as it were.
  • Temporary jobs give you added freedom on managing your time and flexibility that you cannot normally expect in permanent jobs.
  • When you settle in with a permanent job, probably your skill set would be limited to that particular job. Whereas, when you use temporary jobs as your avenue to find your permanent job, you would have enriched yourself with lot varied experience and skills.
  • You can start with higher pay scale and better designation in your permanent job if you have gained experience through temporary jobs as compared to making a fresh entry.
  • Temporary jobs will help you to familiarize yourself with a particular field if you are looking into self employment or business options. This will also enhance your contacts list that will help your future business ventures.
  • Interestingly, temporary jobs fetch two to three times more earnings contrary to the common belief that temporary jobs are paid less. If you have skills that are in demand, then there are companies that are ready to pay.
  • There are times when you would not like to lose a skill because you have stopped using it. In such situations whereby you like to maintain your skills, temporary jobs would be the best option.
  • Besides these, the gulf between those who hold temporary jobs and permanent jobs is reducing in terms of the benefits enjoyed including sick leave, insurances and retirement funds.

However, temporary jobs give you flexibility and fund of benefits it does not allow you to be any less responsible. As opposed to permanent jobs, in temporary jobs you are more accountable ' it is just not about you and the employer, but you also represent your agency . Moreover, you have to work doubly hard to earn good reputation and good reference from your employer and your employment agency as this is what will determine the future of your career.