The career of a tour bus driver

You are choosing the job of a tour bus driver for yourself for different reasons. It could be the love for driving ' and the busses gives extreme joy in controlling - it could your love for seeing different places, it could be your thirst for travel, it could be your love to mix with people and be amidst them all the time it could a lot of other reasons as well. Whatever it is that points you in this direction ' there is something else that you have to think before you jump on the bandwagon. Where does this job lead you? Where will you be five years from now? Or ten years from now? This is the question on what type of career you will have choosing this line?

A career in bus driving by itself is not a long career because, (i) it may be curbed down by health problems as driving about 8-10 hours a day every day with good and bad people (some can be pretty temperamental) is not the best way to keep your body and mind healthy; (ii) you may get bored by the monotony of doing this again and again and again and again.

Whatever it is, this career has its pros and cons as any other career and you will need to gauge both sides before you decide that this is the right thing that you have to do. Once you start your career, as a tour bus driver a number of options will unfold for you:

  • You could become a full-time (You would always be engaged first as apart-time driver)
  • You could become a tour guide and leave out the driving for someone else
  • You could become a senior driver and earn much more by being offered difficult or longer route tours (for this You have to prove Yourself to be a good driver and guide together)
  • You could be promoted to a desk job as a supervisor or tour organizer where You will need to work out the routes and work charts of other drivers
  • You could be promoted from there to the management
  • You could get a driver's job in some posh place and drive a limousine for some big-shot (actor/singer/politician/ industrial magnate)
  • You could shift to a school bus job which is less stressful and sometimes backed with a load of extra benefits
  • You could start Your own bus tour business once You learn the ropes
  • You could become a travel agent for groups (You could then organize the tours type You are conducting for commissions ' which is a great way to make money)
  • You could become a taxi driver

There are many be many more career options which I have not seen or touched here, but one thing is sure. You should be aware of where you go before you embark on any job. Always put this questions to yourself before taking a decision, 'where does this road lead me?' If the answer you get is plausible to you then go ahead. If the future does not really look good ' then do not do it. Both the employer and your self should know where you could be five years from the time you get employed (does not stand for seasonal jobs which are taken up only for the cash power). Your decision should be based on whether you are going in the right direction or not.