The many holiday jobs for students

Many times college students have an eye toward how to make extra money. One way is to work a temporary job during the Christmas break. There are many holiday jobs for students, most of them in retail. The remainders are in warehouse and shipping jobs which, if you land one, usually pay better.

Holiday Jobs Are a Learning Experience

Holiday jobs for students are usually their first real job; and can provide a wealth of knowledge and experience. Here are just a few things you will pick up other than a paycheck.

  • Interactive skills - customer service, people skills, interaction with others not close to you
  • Time management - prioritizing, project or task management, deadline management
  • Efficiency - using the least amount of time to help the most amount of customers
  • Inventory control - you must be aware of any goods, orders, or items placed in your care at all times
  • Team skills - you will most likely be working with other people and must complete tasks as part of a group or in support of another person
  • Problem solving - customers will have problems and issues; orders will be misplaced or mishandled. You will need to be able to answer concerns about these situations.

Special Note for Retail and Food Service

With many of the holiday jobs for students being in the retail or food service areas, some common skills are required.

  • The ability to work with a range of people and personalities
  • The ability to operate a cash register
  • Basic math skill
  • Basic computer skills
  • The ability to learn new tasks
  • The ability to handle stress and a fast pace
  • The ability to handle being under constant pressure
  • The ability to handle problems quickly

The Key to Finding a Job

With so many of your friends looking for the same job that you are, the amount of holiday jobs for students will shrink quickly in the weeks before Christmas. The key to finding yourself a job is, above all else, timing.

  • Target potential jobs - the best way to do this is to pay attention to where you shop; if they look like a good candidate keep them in mind.
  • Apply early enough - start looking around the third week of October. By mid November all the jobs are filled.
  • Consider all options - don't go for just the obvious, brainstorm and check every option that might be an opening
  • Don't limit yourself - many holiday jobs for students will provide you will the skills needed in future jobs and can help build your resume

Holiday jobs for students can be found in a wide range of positions and companies. You must be willing to consider all options, be willing to learn new skills, and start early. Simply using these methods will help you after graduation when looking for your first full time position as well.