The Maritime Industry is now: Working on the Water

Working in the maritime industry can be very interesting and exciting, and can become for motivated and skilled people the source of a good income. The number of different careers you can choose is so big that it is impossible to describe all of them. In order to provide tips for job seekers in the maritime industry, only the main groups of potential careers will be described in this article. The maritime industry can be split into three main groups: imports/exports, military and explorations.

Each group can offer a multitude of different jobs for a sailor looking for a very good way to make money.

The import/export business is basically shipping of goods from one port to another all across the world. Working on these big cargo ships can be hard, since the trips can last one week or more. A sailor working in import/export business that want to gain some working experience can expect to travel from pretty much one end of the world to the next, buying, selling, or trading lot of commodities and goods. When you will be an experienced sailor, then you could even choose between different job offers, and find the employment that better suits you, in order to regain a personal and family life. Anyway, even if you are not going to stay away from home for weeks, working on a cargo boat is not for everybody. This type of ships are generally uncomfortable, the space for the crew is always narrow and stark, and the number of workers composing the crew is kept as lower as possible in order to make room for the cargo. As a result you can expect to take shifts longer than usual, and to work even if you are ill, since rarely there is a backup worker that can take in charge your duties. On the other hand, while your job experience grows and you learn new skills, your salary will become really good.

Like for the import/export jobs, if you choose a military career in the Navy you can expect to travel all over the world and to have a hard but prestigious job.

If you are a soldier in the United States Navy you will be engaged to fight in a war zone, or you can be assigned to the patrol of the waters of risky places in the world. If you like the risk or just simply cope with it, working in the Navy can be a maturing experience, which you can stop after some years after having learned the required skills to successfully start the career you prefer.

The last group of jobs that can bring you around the world is the exploration. Working as explorer is obviously a demanding and expensive job, but it would be certainly exciting and motivating. But if you want to build a lifelong career as explorer, you better be employed by someone very rich disposed to finance your trips. Another way of working as explorer can be finding an employ in oil exploration, but you need to plan very well your career by choosing first of all the right college.