The trip to the casino when job hunting

If you have a long car trip ahead of you, you should consider sleep over accommodation. It is not safe to sleep in your car next to the road on a deserted route. Most people travel during the summer and you can expect many tourists and Americans on the road from May onwards until the end of September. You should plan your trip to the casinos and book accommodation well in advance if you plan a summer trip. All the camping spots and motels will be full.

Camping spots
The Americans love camping and since it is a cheap form of accommodation, you may consider taking your tent and camping equipment along. There are numerous state parks and national camping grounds on the route where you can rest on your trip to the casinos. Don't forget to take a sleeping bag and fire lighters, a kettle, and utensils.

The camping grounds normally charge an entry fee for every passenger in the car. The rate ranges between and for each passenger. Apart from this, there is also the camping tariff of to a stand. If you camp in one of the national parks, you should consider an all-round pass of that will allow you entrance at any of the parks for a year. You can purchase the pass at the entrance office of the park.

Booking the stand
You can make use of the Mistix reservation system that allow you to book a stand at selected national camping grounds and you will be able to make reservation for two months ahead. The United States Printing Office in Washington DC provides a camping guide for national parks at a low cost. Apart from the national parks there are also private and forestry camping grounds. They are less expensive but lack beautiful surroundings and facilities. They have accommodation in the form of stands available below a night.

Staying in Motels
Not everyone is cut out for camping. If the outdoor life is too much for you and you're looking for a bit more comfort while on your trip to the casinos, you can book a room in a motel. Make use of one of the many motel guides. The motel rates differ according to facilities and ratings. If you plan to stay in a cheap motel, make sure that you don't leave any valuables in the vehicle and take some bedding with for those places that don't offer extra pillows.