Tips and Ideas on advertising in self employment business

Find the essence of your product or service.
You need to find the reason why customers will buy your product or make use of your service. This will give an indication of what is the core of your product. There must be something that attracts the customers in your product or service. You need to find the essence of your product. This is the first step in successful business advertising.

Transform the essence of the product or service into a significant advantage.
The second step in successful business advertising is transforming the essence of the product or service into a benefit. Keep in mind that the customers are more interested in the benefits of the service or product than the characteristics. The customers don't purchase facial cream; they buy renewed, younger looking, and vibrant skin. Customers don't purchase mobile phones; they buy status, functionality, and looks. You need to find the greatest benefit or advantage that your product or service offers and put it in writing. It is derived straight from the essence of the product or service. Even if you have several great benefits, you should target a maximum of three advantages.

Offer your advantages in a convincing way.
The third step in successful business advertising is vital to the selling of the product or the service. Realize that there is a huge difference between being sincere and open and convinced or believed. You may be open and sincere about your product, but still not able to convince people that it is the truth. People have grown accustomed to the overstatements and exaggerations in marketing. State the advantages of your product or service in a way that people will be able to believe you. The enterprise that produces the Magic Fitness Belt, may state: 'One hour's workout with Magic Fitness Belt, is equivalent to 5 hours in the gym'. The announcement begins with the essence, transforms it into an advantage, and states it in a believable way.

Draw the client's attention.
Don't miss the fourth step in successful business advertising. Most people don't take in what advertisements offer. They only take in that what is of interest to them. If those elements are present in an advertisement, they will pay attention. So you need to draw their attention through something that may interest them. They should not only be interested in the advertisement, but in the essence of your product or service. Many of us can still remember some interesting adverts but cannot remember the product's name because the focus was not on the essence of the product. You can side-step the pitfall by focusing on what makes your product interesting.

Get action from the customers
Get the customers to act on the advertisement by telling them what to do next for instance, 'Call this number right now!' or 'Visit Best Phones today!' Give them the next step such as how to order the product or request more information.

Communication is the key to success
You have worked with your product but the customers are new to it. They need to understand what you say about the product. Your business isn't constantly in their minds, and you thus have to get the message across in a way that they will never forget your business or product. If only a few people misread your advertisement, it means that you lose out on a large section of the target audience. They must know exactly what you mean.

Compare the final announcement or advertisement against your innovative plan.
The comparison process forms the last step in successful business advertising. The advertisement plan is essential for providing a goal. If the advertisement doesn't measure up to the goal of your strategy then make a new one. If your advertisement reaches the goal of the strategy, then you can assess the other points of the ad.