Tips for Engineering Apprenticeships

Engineering apprenticeships are the boot camp of engineers. They offer valuable practical training, which often forms the basis of a future career, and great opportunities to learn the trade and the business from the inside. Apprenticeships can be formal types of employment with pay. While the actual apprenticeship jobs in the different areas of engineering are quite diverse, the generic roles of the engineering apprenticeships share a lot of common elements.

Finding Engineering Apprenticeships Online

Although there are a few apprenticeships online, the word “apprenticeships” is more common in the U.K., Australia and New Zealand than in the U.S., where “trainee” is the common search term. 

Searching for engineering apprenticeships can be irritating. The searches tend to produce a range of engineering jobs in other fields and at other professional levels. With technical jobs, technical search terms are usually the most effective search terms to pin down specific elements in the training schemes.

Use specific terms for your search:

  • Use typical essential criteria in your field of engineering as primary search terms. If possible, choose unique terms that can only relate to your field.
  • Employer names are particularly good at removing extraneous materials. The employer websites and recruitment contacts are usually reliable too.
  • Particular areas of interest are always useful qualifiers as search terms.
  • Searching by location will remove a lot of unnecessary materials from your search.

Other Search Options

The best contacts for engineering apprenticeships are usually major employers in your area. Major employers often develop well-structured training schemes, usually managed by senior staff who are professional trainers. These senior staff are invaluable contacts, and you should try to get an appointment for an informational interview if you can.

Academic or professional associations may offer advisory services, and they can give you a wealth of basic information about your best options for an apprenticeship. They may also know related qualifications, entry requirements and so forth.

Apprenticeship Opportunities

While apprenticeships and their curriculum content are strictly controlled by professional and academic standards, there are plenty of opportunities to extend your skills and experience in all areas of engineering.

For example, construction engineering includes a large range of specializations and fundamental skills. For apprentices, this is a golden opportunity to do some extra study and research in the right environment to perfect those skills.

If you’re particularly interested in CAD design, you’ll find most employers and trainers very receptive to helping you upgrade your skills in this vital area. You may find yourself doing a lot of extra work, but it also helps considerably in the higher professional levels of CAD design. Like many forms of engineering work, it involves an area where your skills are your primary career assets, and you won’t waste a second of your time.

Engineering apprenticeships can be a lot of fun. They can also be invaluable way of developing your skills and starting your career with support and guidance.