Tips for teenagers when baby sitting

Babysitting jobs for teenage kids is, I think, the best way to earn cash. You stay indoors, do not really have to put in too much work (unless the kids you are baby sitting are real spoilt brats) and you get great cash. Wow! Great from all angles. You know the saying however,'all that glitters is not gold'? Well there are few things you should know about baby sitting job before you declare it the best bet. I will give you a few dos and don'ts in baby sitting and hope that it will guide you earn some good cash in your spare time.


  • 1.Choose to go for baby sitting only in your close-by neighborhood. Whether you are a boy or a girl, you need to consider safety first. You should not have to come back home late at night from too far around the neighborhood - even if you have a cycle.
  • 2.Befriend the kids whom you think you will be baby sitting a few days in advance (this will not be necessary if you baby-sit in close neighborhood as the kids would know you) so they will be familiar with you and more importantly you with them.
  • 3.Before the adults leave, take down (literally write it down) where to contact them if any emergency arises - and have an alternative to that as well. Ask them at what time they return and inform your parents about your returning schedule.
  • 4.Ask (and if possible write) what is expected of you while baby-sitting, specially if they ask you to feed the children.
  • 5.Do be extra patient with the kids and behave as one of them. It is easier to control them when you are a peer/ friend than a 'grown up'.


  • 1. Do not go too far for baby sitting at night.
  • 2. Do not take up baby sitting if any male in that family/ house makes you feel uncomfortable (there are instances when children who baby-sit are molested by adults in the family other than the parents of the kids).
  • 3. Do not feel scared to immediately react if anybody touches you wrongly.
  • 4. Do not hit the kids (at nay cost do not use violence for controlling the kids); do not close them in a room (or bathroom or closet) as punishment or otherwise.
  • 5. Do not allow them to leave your sight (whether outdoors or indoors); if they want to go to their room, the door to the room should stay open so you can see the kids whenever you want or need .
  • 6. Do not feed them anything unless you are asked to do so.

These are a few things you should keep in mind when you go for baby-sitting. The best bet in baby sitting is when you get the 'contract' of house that are within a half-kilometer radius of your own house. Ensure that you are happy with the wages that they pay you before hand - so you will not be disappointed later. It should not be less than .50 per hour - but check locally to find the going rate.