Tips for Your HVAC Apprenticeship

HVAC apprenticeships, Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning, are fundamental to working in this industry. Installation, maintenance and finding your way around is very often, a good education all by itself. Working with the technology, systems and fundamental safety issues is valuable training.

Finding HVAC Apprenticeships Online

The HVAC apprenticeships are easy to find online, and there are usually a lot of them. The main problem is the sheer number of different classes of apprenticeship. This is a representative selection of types of HVAC apprenticeships:

  • Construction
  • Sheet metal fabrication
  • Technician
  • Servicing
  • Combination apprenticeship with plumbing, refrigeration, etc.
  • Operations
  • Commercial servicing (commercial class HVAC systems)

In the US, you may require multiple licenses if you’re doing a combination apprenticeship. The licensing may relate to the apprenticeship provider’s license. Some US HVAC apprenticeships specify license requirements.

Exploring Your HVAC Apprenticeship Options

The best way to follow up a job lead with HVAC apprenticeships is to contact the provider directly. You can make a decision regarding job quality, working conditions and assess the type of work you’ll be doing. HVAC apprenticeships are well organized, and operated by professional tradespeople, so you can get useful first hand information.

HVAC Apprenticeship Interviews and Preparation

The application for an HVAC apprenticeship is a strictly formal process. You’ll receive a list of information to be produced with your application, and you must make sure to supply all documents before your interview. The basic HVAC apprenticeship interview is typically done in two stages, an aptitude test and an interview.

The wide range of jobs related to HVAC apprenticeships involves a range of technical issues, skills and core competencies. It’s necessary to review all aspects of the apprenticeship role as part of your preparation. Particularly if you’re doing a combined apprenticeship, you’ll find that a structured subject review process, not a last minute cramming session, will be less nerve-wracking. Start your preparation at least a month before the interview in order to allow yourself a realistic amount of time for review.

The HVAC apprenticeship Interview

Interview questions will be both the behavioral job interview type and technically based questions:

  • Expect basic knowledge questions: These are very important questions, because they act as primary quality controls for selection. Some common questions are: “What’s an air conditioning system?” or “What’s a chilled beam air conditioning system?”
  • Problem solving: Problem solving is a tradesperson’s life’s work. Give an example which shows good knowledge of relevant systems.
  • Teamwork and workplace relationships: There’s usually a question about this in any job interview, and the need is to show how you work in a team, contribute to the team’s work and support other team members.
  • Communications skills: In a technical job, communications is a business skill as well as a job skill. The interviewers need to see a strong aptitude in communication. You should be able to explain technical information, and other related information.