Top 5 Part-Time Jobs for College Students

Part-time jobs for college students provide a good way for students to earn extra income while they study. They can help you build your resume and pay the bills during college. Here are a few of the top part-time jobs for college students.

1. Work-Study

Most campuses have many different work-study opportunities that you can choose to take advantage of if your qualify for work-study positions. You might be able to work in the admissions office, in the gym or as a parking attendant. With these jobs, you will be able to earn a steady wage and possibly get some tuition benefits or housing assistance. Many students prefer getting work-study jobs because they do not have to travel far in order to get to work.

2. Video Store Clerk

Another popular part-time job for college students is to work at a video store. If you enjoy movies, this could be the perfect opportunity for you. You will be responsible for putting out new releases and checking out movies. You will have to deal with customers on a regular basis as well. Many video stores are open late, which allows you the opportunity to get in some hours after class.

3. Delivery Driver

There are also many opportunities for college students to get jobs as delivery drivers. Many college students enjoy doing work as a delivery driver because it allows them to get out into the city. You do not have to sit behind a desk. You will continually be out doing something productive. Whether you are delivering pizzas, appliances or medical supplies, the basic gist of the job is the same. You will have to have reliable transportation and a clean driving record in most cases.

4. Restaurant Worker

Many college students choose to pursue jobs as part-time restaurant workers. In most cities, there are an abundance of restaurants to choose from. Therefore, you will have ample opportunity to find a job in this industry. You could choose to be a waiter or waitress, cook the food or serve customers at the counter. There are many different types of jobs and job responsibilities in this industry. You might even be able to earn tips above your hourly wage in this industry. Many people make very good money by working at restaurants during their college careers.

5. Freelance Writer

Many college students also choose to work as freelance writers. This is a very desirable job for college students to have, as it allows them flexibility with their schedule. In most cases, you will be writing articles and content for online businesses. This content will help them get traffic to their websites, and the job can pay pretty well.

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