Tour bus driver jobs : Salary and Benefits

You have decided that tour bus driver job is the best for you. You have definitely chosen a very beautiful job, which will bring you tremendous satisfaction. What about the benefits that the job involves? Are you aware of what it entails to be tour bus driver? How much do they get? What are the benefits attached to the job of a tour bus driver? Let us have a bird's view on this matter and get an idea.

Payment of course depends from country to country, from continent to continent:

  • In Europe tour bus driver job can bring anything between twelve thousand pounds to twenty-two thousand pounds per year.
  • In USA tour bus drivers may get anything from to per hour.
  • In Australia the this job will bring you anything between AU ' 1000 per week

Besides the monetary aspects there are many other benefits and perks in this line depending in which country, area, and type of tour in which you are employed. Some of these are listed below:

  • Liberal tip from the passengers you drive
  • Perks such as free food, gifts or cash discounts from hotels, drive-ins, and shopping complexes where you stop the bus for the benefit of the passengers
  • Free food and accommodation all through the tour
  • Sick leave
  • Not more than 10 hours shift per day
  • Health insurance including dental insurance
  • 2-4 weeks vacation per year
  • Free bus rides in the area they work
  • Life and accident insurance
  • Free training for up-gradation of skills organized by the company
  • Joy of seeing the world while you are paid for it
  • Learning about different places and people at the same time

Of course, these may be available all in one place. This all depends upon the country you are working in and also the type of employment you have taken up. The tour bus driving jobs are very often seasonal and most of he agencies engage bus drivers seasonally. In case of seasonal job then the leave and insurance benefits will be at a lower rate or may not be there altogether. However, in case of the permanent jobs, these benefits could be more than what described above.

In case you love the tour bus driver job or a guide job, you will do well if you look for permanent jobs. You will get leads about these jobs through the seasonal ones. Many times the best way to start is through a seasonal job in that country and then after some good experience and with a few good references to your credit, apply for better and permanent jobs. It is easier to land a permanent job when you are in a different country, after having worked with a seasonal job. This will also help you to understand the place, language, people and traffic ways before you really are ready for the big job.

The permanent jobs are better paid; more secure and offer long term hikes in pay and benefits. Some high-end tour employers even pay for accommodation and transport, besides all the regular perks.

Of course, as with all the jobs you will earn the best package if you know what you are entitled for in the first place. Before even applying for the job, be sure you know what are the market rates (you can find out indirectly or directly from a few similar companies ' in person or over the net) and then find out what type of skill-set is in demand for that market. It could be education, good English/ local language, experience, friendly appearance, etc. Pitch your sales based on the skills, which the company looks for and quote what you think, is a good price for you in that light.