Tour bus driving jobs.

You have read a lot of advice on tour bus driving jobs. However, you are really not satisfied fully as there are a lot more questions crowding in your mind. Like how many types of tours are there to choose from? You have a lot of choices as this earth has too many places to really categorize each and every opportunity, but the main classifications would be as follows.

Sightseeing tours: These are most popular, and at the same time most glamorous bus driving jobs. There are European sightseeing tours, and North America sigh seeing tours, and safari/ national parks sight seeing tours, Australian sight seeing tour and so on. These bus-driving jobs are glamorous because the job takes you along the most beautiful places on the earth ' with people that pay hard money to see ' and you get paid to see it.

In order to get a lead on these types of jobs, you can contact travel agencies who specialize in group tourism (these will most often than not be in touch with the best local tour bus driving agencies), international placement agencies in your country and in the country you are seeking employment, the embassy of the country you want to go to.

Beach side/ shore sight seeing tours: Many of the luxury cruising ships have offers of land tours in famous locations like Hawaii, Alaska, Cape Town, France, Greece, and so on. These locations are places of high interest for the visitors who want to enjoy not only a beautifully organized cruise, but also see the most interesting spots around the world. This is a beautiful opportunity for a tour bus-driving job. For this type of an opening the best way is to approach the cruising liners placement agency itself for leads in the countries they stop (i.e. you ask them whom they are contacting for the land tours and then you can take it from there and apply to the agency). Another way is to check out the itinerary of the best cruiser liners and get in touch with the local placement agencies regarding the bus driving jobs. In this level, you can try to get a tour guide job even ' which may be easier to land - and then seek for the tour bus driver job after you settled down a bit.

Adventure and Sport Tours: This a relatively new niche of the market and in some places it may be hard while in some places it may easier to get a position as tour guide, or tour bus driver. These types of tours concentrate of ecological aspect and are a bit lower in glamour than their sightseeing counterparts. However, with the changing emphasis on nature and eco-systems, this market segment is going to expand by leaps and bounds in the next decade. This is a fantastic niche to be in and a bit easy get into as well. All you have to do is identify eco-tour companies, which are quite few in number al over the world, and apply for a tour bus driving job or a tour guide job. You may get opening about this type of a job attached to cruise liners as well. Keep in mind that this will involve driving and touring most of the time in out-of-town places, many times requiring for camping sites for sleeping. For this job, you will need to be a nature enthusiast as well.