Transportation Job Market Trends

Transportation job market trends include various distinct sectors in this very large industry. In general, the transportation industry refers to the transport of people, including private, public, tourist and commercial business transport. It also includes the supply chain industry of the businesses. Career progression in the transport industry requires knowledge of the industry's commercial trends. This is an industry highly sensitive to economic situations. Transportation is a consumer business in many ways, and so are its related transport industries and sub sectors. The industry career market is sometimes volatile depending on economic circumstances and business practices.

Career paths in the transportation industry

The normal career progression in transportation is based on job mobility. Career trends are often affected by industry-specific issues which may create jobs or result in a loss of jobs. The most common thing is for career moves within a specific industry, during times of expansion and concentrate on job retention in the downsizing periods.

Job market trends by sector

In the US, career trends in transportation have been moving away from the more traditional, fixed courses to higher job mobility as a result of extensive changes to the industry's commercial practices. Several sectors have effectively been restructuring as technology and new business methodologies, as well as economics, dictate the development of the industry's different sectors.

Negative career outlooks

  • Public transportation: Outsourcing of public transportation services in many states has both reduced the workforce in the traditional employment areas and opened up new areas of employment in the private sector.

  • Rail transport: Railroad careers have been affected by changes in employment policies and shedding of staff in many areas. This is an employment area that has been drastically reduced in most countries. The prognosis for the position is that the trend will continue.

  • Taxi companies: The taxi industry is a relatively static employment market. Administrative and management jobs are the main career paths. The industry is a slow growing service industry, and career opportunities are not expected to show any significant improvements.

Positive career outlooks

The tourism industry is a very dynamic, career-oriented industry. It is tightly affiliated with transport services. Careers in this part of the transportation industry are often based on owner businesses like tours and cruises.

Business and administrative careers in transportation

The business and administrative part of transportation is a different environment, in terms of career trends. As a service industry, business models are a major factor in career paths. Business careers in transportation, in management, IT and customer services are relatively strong. Most transportation businesses are streamlined organizations, with a relatively small administrative component. That means that industry professionals are in demand, and it's a good scenario for career progression for this part of the industry. Industry experience is an important part of management and administration in transportation. The career paths are well defined for organizational and industry based business and administrative roles. Career mobility is based on a standard business career path. Notable positive career outlooks in this part of the industry include:

  • Sales

  • Corporate accounting

  • Customer service

  • Management

  • IT systems

  • Call centers

  • Industry specialists (qualified professionals in specific sectors)