Travel Nurse Job

Employment as a travel nurse, though increasingly catching, is rather less publicized. A travel nurse job means literally that a nurse who travels. These nurses are placed at various hospitals all over the country and sometimes in other countries too. The placement is obviously coordinated by a central body like a recruitment agency.

Though the whole idea may sound very risky at first, a good well-researched opinion can give you some confidence. Make sure you go to a good, reputed agency because moving to another place temporarily and often is no joke. An assignment usually lasts 8 to 13 weeks sometimes with the option of extension. This is not a rule so you may even find 4-week assignments available.

How to apply:
Firstly you must have at least a years experience in nursing. Only then do you stand any chance of getting a good placement. Get in touch with the local travel nurse employment agency. Speak to them about your preferences and limitations. They will be expecting this so don't think telling them you can't travel to a certain location will reduce your chances of bagging a job. At the same time, be flexible too. This job demands it.

In case there are certain places where you would prefer to be placed, let the agency know. Even if you aren't sent there on your first assignment there is a good chance that the moment the need arises, you will be the first candidate to be selected to go there.If you want to go someplace where the agency has no dealings, let them know. You just may get lucky what if they were looking for a candidate who wouldn't mind going there?After you apply, the hospital where you will be placed may get in touch with you for an interview. You can also ask whatever questions you have about the assignment before accepting it.

Getting there:
Some companies reimburse the cost of travel to and from the destination while some don't. Clarify this point too if it makes a difference to you. If you have gone to a good agency, they will find you accommodation but you can choose to find an apartment for yourself or cut down costs by living with someone you know in the area. You can even take your pet along but only if you find your own accommodation.

The green stuff:
In addition to a fairly good pay, most travel nurse employment agencies offer other benefits too. These include medical reimbursements, overtime pay etc. You can even earn a fat referral bonus if the agency hires a candidate you referred.

Remember, this is a kind of job that just cannot be done for the sake of doing it. For one thing, being a nurse is a very noble profession only meant for those who love to help others in need. To top that, being a travel nurse is a good idea only for those nurses who honestly want to travel.So bon voyage!