Truck Driving Jobs

For those of you who have decided to become truck drivers because you think it's easy, think again. A truck driver's job is no smooth ride. Read about what it takes and check if you can do it well.

Trucking jobs demand that drivers be on the road for long hours that can stretch to days. They have to stay away from their families for days together because their job demands it. Apart from these problems, trucking jobs come with other issues to deal with as well. Truck drivers must know the truck inside out in case of a breakdown on some lonely highway. They have to worry not only about their own safety and that of the truck but also of other drivers on the road. Though the view they have in front of them may be spectacular, worrying about the presence of vehicles behind the truck can be challenging. Because of the length of the truck, it is sometimes impossible to guess what surprise awaits him at the back.

Here are some tips to help you become a truck driver:

  • The process involved is almost the same as that for procuring a car-driving license. First you have to apply for a Large Goods Vehicle license from the agency. After applying, take lessons to drive a truck from a good instructor. Once you have completed the course, you can answer the tests. There will be one practical test and one theoretical test. You have to clear both.
  • You most certainly must have a squeaky clean driving record. The authorities are very particular about this because reckless drivers can endanger other people on the road too. In addition to the above, drivers in the US must pass an exam every two years to ensure that they are still fit to be truck drivers. This exam has two parts a written test and a physical examination to test eyesight, hearing etc.
  • Once you are qualified to be a truck driver, you will have to start the job hunt. This is not very difficult if you know where to look. There are hundreds of sites on the Internet that can help you. These websites provide a platform for truck drivers and trucking firms to find each other. Filling in a single application on such a website can make you visible to a number of trucking firms. Make sure you mention all your strong points that are related to this job. Websites like these collect applications from hundreds of prospective truck drivers and then short-list those to send to a client (recruiter). This short listing is done based on keywords. So make sure you mention anything that seems important when you apply.
  • Some websites even help you find suitable jobs all over the country and then let you compare them to choose the best. You can search a trucking job by state and apply individually or collectively to carriers in that state. Don't get turned off by the thought of filling in the application. A few minutes spent doing this could pay off big time. You can even specify your need to be home on weekends etc.

Once you've landed the job that suits you best, make sure you never forget to drive safely.

Country Specific information about truck driving :

United Kingdom:

Consult the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency

United States:

The GED is not an essential qualification, but a good starting point. To get your commercial driving license you need a clean driving record.

Regular tests are carried on US truck drivers. The FMCSR (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations) is a test that one has to sit every two years.