Use Temporary jobs to help you change careers

Temping opportunities have been a boon to many who struggle to find a suitable permanent job . Temping has also served many who are contemplating career change. Temping can be used in two ways while making career change ' temping can be used to gain experience that you lack in the new field that you are venturing and to sample various fields.

In career change there are two possible situations. The first situation is that you know the field you would like to venture into and the second situation is that you only know that you would like to make career change but you may not have decided the new field to which you would like to move. Temping can be use effectively in both situations.

Considering the first situation where you have identified your field for career change, the next thing you need to look into is relevant experience in that field. Since it is difficult to break into any new field without any previous work experience, you can use temping to gain that experience. An important tip to remember to gain relevant experience fast is to select temp agencies that specialize in offering workforces that is related to your new career. This way you will increase your chances of gaining temp experience that is specific to your new career.

Temp agencies generate their revenue in different ways. Primarily, it is through your placement temp firms make their earnings in the form of placement commission. There are also other ways through which temp agencies make money - through recommendation and referrals; through commissions gained for conversions of temp to permanent positions. So, temp agencies make every effort to keep their clients happy by sending the best choice of candidates to them.

In your career change process, few good words to your placement officer pay richly ' it is important that you discuss with your temp placement officer regarding your plans about your career change and your preferred field so that you reach the right place. Make your placement officer see that your ability to adapt and transfer your skills to meet the requirements of your new career.

Once you are hired, you try to keep to your job profile to last longer. When a company hires your temp services they have specific requirements they like you to meet ' make sure you meet them and keep to them. In your over enthusiasm to launch into your new career do not try to over do things to impress your employer ' this might go against you.

While using temping to gain entry into your new career, learn as much as possible through your temping assignments; be perceptive, ask questions, discuss with senior employees, gel with the regular employees and build a strong foundation for your new career. Take part in all seminars and training programs offered by the company ' request special entry even if it means to pay for your entry or bringing your own lunch. Invest time in learning about the company and about the new field you would like to explore.