Virtual Assistant Career Information

If you are seeking virtual assistant career information, there are many excellent resources available to help you get started. Virtual assisting is becoming one of the hottest career options for administrative, technical and marketing professionals to create a flexible home-based career. Virtual assistants, or VA’s as they are commonly called, provide on-demand support to busy business owners and companies that need affordable administrative services.

What Does a Virtual Assistant Do?

Virtual assistants are outsourced professionals who generally work from their home offices providing administrative, technical, marketing and sales support to others by way of the Internet and telephone. Using these advanced tools, virtual assistants are able to provide on-demand help for business owners and small companies who are struggling to keep up with their daily tasks, yet cannot afford to hire someone full time in-house. Many virtual assistants respond to email and telephone inquiries from clients, process paperwork or perform accounting functions, and provide technical support throughout the day. Virtual assistants provide all of the equipment needed to perform their duties out of their home office, reducing costs for companies that utilize their services. While some virtual assistants work exclusively for one client, many work for multiple clients performing a wide variety of tasks for an agreed upon hourly rate. Virtual assistants typically earn between $10-25 USD per hour and can work flexible schedules that vary by client and project.

A Day in the Life of a Virtual Assistant

The average day of a virtual assistant varies by client, but typically includes handling administrative tasks on an as-needed basis. Some virtual assistants start their day by checking telephone and email messages and responding professionally to them. Then they check in with their clients to ask for special projects or work tasks to be performed that day. Often, virtual assistants take on tasks as they are given to them by their clients, but may have regular duties that must be handled on a daily basis in order to meet their clients’ needs. Some virtual assistants take calls routed to their home office and must provide customer service and support. Others work to promote their clients with direct sales and telemarketing efforts. As virtual assistants work flexible schedules, many are able to juggle other aspects of their daily lives quite easily, which makes this the perfect career for a stay at home parent or caregiver.

Career Outlook and Options in Virtual Assisting

Virtual assisting is one of the fastest growing home-based careers in the world. With so many more companies cutting back on personnel and trying to find ways to get projects accomplished in less time at a lower cost, virtual assistants are there to answer this need. Virtual assisting doesn’t require a special education or career background. Other than having the sincere desire to assist others with running their business, being able to handle multiple tasks, having strong interpersonal skills and the ability to communicate well online and by telephone, virtual assisting doesn’t require any special training or certification. Many stay at home parents are choosing to start virtual assisting businesses. There are also other options, such as running errands for small businesses locally or working part time for a virtual assisting firm. Virtual assisting will continue to grow as many more virtual companies are created in the changing economy.