Web developer job search

The web developer is also known as a web designer and is responsible for creating online sites by using a combination of programming, database development, e-commerce, graphic design and information management skills. You get web developers that build small basic level sites and those who work for large corporations and who are responsible for maintaining their companys site.

They work in close relationship with the client to customize the web site according to the clients needs. The designer must have at least a basic knowledge of HTML, graphic design software such as Coral Draw or Freehand, Photo Paint and web editors such as Dreamweaver and FrontPage. The more advanced designers also work with Java, Access, Visual Basic, Php and Pearl scripts etc.

There are no specific entry requirements for this field, but large corporations expect a degree or diploma in web development or programming.

Employment prospects
Many web designers are employed by large companies to develop and maintain their sites, while other find employment at web design and Internet service provider entities. This is the ideal field for self-employment in the IT industry since many developers work on a contract basis.