Website Design Jobs

Website design is one of the most lucrative, as well as one of the most highly competitive, jobs in the world. Website design is an art form, in many ways, and it's a lot of fun. It can be a real business, if you know your stuff and can put together a really good professional site.


To have a chance of getting a website design job, you need to do the basic studies. These courses have various names, but they usually include:

  • Website publishing
  • Website maintenance
  • Multimedia studies
  • Major standard software like Adobe, Flash and Dreamweaver
  • Platforms like Microsoft Expression Web
  • Java
  • HTML, XML, XHTML and other formats
  • Technical standards
  • Website planning
  • Applications

Note: Like all qualifications, check for accreditation, particularly whom the course is accredited, before signing up for one of these courses. Only nationally accredited courses have any real standing in the industry. Even the training, when accredited, is very valuable in many jobs.

It's advisable to check out the job ads to see what employers are looking for with web designers. The ads will specify which qualifications they need as essential criteria. You'll find that most ads have almost identical basic requirements. If in doubt, contact the employer and get some first hand information about what they want.

The career path

The career path is either freelance, or working for a design agency. The work is extremely variable, everything from big corporate websites to small boutique sites for private clients.

A good web designer can work their way up the profession very quickly, with a good portfolio and working with name brands. This is similar to advertising and other artistic and media work, where portfolios dictate the career moves and progressions. It's fair to say that web design is one of the professions where the more creative you are, the better your career can be. The commercial potentials in web design are enormous, and those with a good sales pitch and good materials and skills can do very well.

There are even intellectual property and equity deals available, for those doing applications and other highly saleable work. At the top of the profession, web designers work with global corporations, and are on a par with marketers and advertisers in terms of income.

The career environment

Web design is perhaps the most competitive of all modern media careers. Freelancing as a web designer is particularly tough. Talented designers can do very well, but they have to compete against their markets for their jobs. It's a matter of making jobs pay, and getting a reputation and a portfolio for bigger and better jobs.

Working for design agencies is safer, but it can also mean doing the sort of staid, conservative websites you see for basic business sites. It's not that challenging, and artistic web designers are often chafing trying to unleash their own personal talents.

Website design is above all a career for the true aficionados, those whose talents are driven by their designs and ideas. If you want to be a website designer, be a highly motivated, highly talented one, and you'll do well.