Wedding or Event Coordinator Career Information

Pursuing a career as a wedding or event coordinator is a good decision for someone with good social and organizational skills, and the desire to work independently. Wedding and event coordinators should be aware of how much a typical wedding or event costs to hold in their particular areas, since this affects pricing. Wedding and event coordinators should have good communication skills and be able to operate on a budget.

Wedding Planner Career

Wedding planners can coordinate all or some aspects of the wedding. Wedding planners may become certified and/or take special courses in wedding planning. Other wedding planners may serve as consultants, taking on more broad responsibilities and delegating general tasks to employees they hire to work under them. Wedding planner salaries vary, but wedding planners and consultants have standard rates.

Types of Jobs

Wedding planners can be employed in the position of a party planner or organizer. They may also serve as personal assistants to the bride or groom. Some wedding planners hire assistants of their own, which can be a way into the profession.


Wedding coordinators can work under the bridal party, for the bride and groom or for the bride or groom alone. Responsibilities may include booking a location, music, food selection, hiring catering staff, overseeing decorations and floral arrangements and clothing selection.

Event Coordinator Career

Event coordinators are similar to wedding planners in that they generally employ themselves and offer standard rates based on a variety of factors. Event coordinators do not have to have any special education, but may receive special training and/or certifications. Event coordinators may also schedule business meetings and conferences.

Types of Jobs

Event planner career options are wide and include working for individuals planning events like birthday parties and anniversary celebrations. Event planners may also offer wedding coordination services. Event planners may be employed by businesses and other organizations to oversee their functions. An event planner is not the same thing as an activities coordinator, however, who is employed to oversee regular activities, not special events.


Event planners may be responsible for sending out invitations, selecting decorations, food, seeing to fire codes and generally anything that is asked of them for the meeting or event to be a success. Event planner salaries vary based upon the size of the event and how much they charge as a standard fee per party.

Advancement Options

Education is an important part of success for both of these careers. Wedding and event coordinators may take special courses to give them an edge, but, ultimately, pursing a four-year degree opens up the widest doors for career advancement. Since wedding and event coordinators already have experience running an independent businesses, pursuing study in a field like business, public relations or accounting is an especially helpful option. Education in business could lead to further opportunities, such as being employed on staff as an event coordinator or administrator of an organization. The most lucrative business advancement options are available with through the obtainment of a master's degree in business, however, if leadership positions are desired.