Welding Apprenticeship Tips

For the new or inexperienced welder, the best place to get welding apprenticeship tips are from a certified welding training school, from another welder, or from a business that offers apprenticeship programs. Apprenticeship as a welder will usually result in a much better skilled tradesman in the long run than a person who simply undertakes to accomplish a training program. In addition, apprenticeships are often paid opportunities that lead to great entry level careers in welding. So who can a prospective welder contact if that person does not know the name of a person who welds or a company who hires them to ask about welding apprenticeships?

Contact Trade Groups for Apprenticeship Information

If you live in the United States, the American Welding Society (AWS) is the trade group that certifies welders. The AWS has the information that can help anyone considering an apprenticeship for a career in welding. They certify testing and training locations, therefore are linked to networks of welders. When a person contacts this organization, they can put the future welder in touch with a training facility closest to them. In addition, the AWS assists new welders with locating companies that are offering apprenticeships and possible career opportunities.

Seek Apprenticeship Opportunities with Welding Training Companies

Many training facilities do not train welders without staying in contact with companies that hire their students. Most of these sites have craftsmen trainers who once worked for these companies or know the hiring people personally. Often, training facilities work hand-in-hand with companies to create and offer apprenticeship programs. These partnerships ensure that companies get better employees, and that students get the best training possible. If in doubt, ask around to some of the manufacturing or metal engineering firms to see if you can be referred to a welding training opportunity nearby.

Don't Underestimate Hands on Learning Opportunities

Training facilities can offer wonderful quality instruction in the art of welding, but they can never give training for the most recent advancements as well as a person learning on a job site. Advancements in technology and lasers has made it possible for new fields in aerospace, manufacturing, and even green businesses to employ welders. An apprentice can learn the trade close to home or take an adventure in another country. Often times, training schools are inundated with requests for new, fresh talent. As interest grows in technologies that save the environment and international competition increases, welders can find a slot that could literally take them around the world.

Trade Unions Can Be a Good Resource for Apprenticeship Support

Trade unions or other trade groups can be a valuable non-biased resources for information about welding apprenticeship opportunities. Often headed up by industry insiders, trade unions do everything they can to keep their members up-to-date on safety, career information, apprenticeships, and more. Check your local telephone directories for welding unions and related industry organizations that may be able to point you in the right direction with finding an apprenticeship in the type of welding you want to do.

Contact Local Metal Artisans

The welding field is so broad that a young person can take pride in being part of something so unique and needed. Without welders, we would have no cars and airplanes, nor skyscrapers and bridges. The art of melding metal is not as easy as it looks. In many ways, it can be viewed as art. Indeed, many modern artists use welding to create master pieces. The trade is well respected and brings needed professionals to a difficult task. You most likely will be able to locate apprenticeship opportunities by contacting local metal artisans or schools that cater to metal working and delve into this age-old art.