What about working in agriculture.

If you have a large piece of property, don't mind working outside all day, and don't mind getting your hands a little dirty farming could be the job for you.

Working as a farmer, you do not have regular set hours that you work. Farming is a nonstop 24 hours a day seven days a week job. Farmers rise very early in the morning and don't stop working until very late at night. Then if one of the animals gets sick or one of your crops gets ruined the day could be even longer. Working as a farmer, your work day can b sixteen hours long. It doesn't stop on weekends or holidays either. Farming isn't just a job but it is a way of life that you shouldn't do unless you enjoy it.

Employment for farmers is always available because they are self-employed meaning that they work for themselves. All that you need to work as a farmer is a wide stretch of land and gardening supplies. There are also employment opportunities for farmers sometimes at bigger farms that need more help. Working as a farmer successfully means to find out will have a large demand this season and to find out what crops you can successfully grow in your specific type of climate.

Working as a farmer is a physical job that requires tolerance of not having sleep for long periods of time, and fitness. Training to become a farmer is not always available because this is more of a self taught job that requires hard work. You can find some training to work as a farmer in farming books at your local library. Working as a farmer can be a very time consuming job and very tough on your body, but if you like the outdoors and have a green thumb it is worth considering. If you want to also have animals on your farm understand that this will add more chores to your work list. For instance a cow has to be milked at least twice a day. Working as a farmer also requires a lot of trial and error to figure out which crops you can successfully grow. Income when working as a farmer can be low at times but if you push your products you can definitely make a profit. Another idea to consider is opening your own farm stand.

If you decide that the farm that you want to have is a winery, then you have to buy the bottles to package the wine for sale. Owning a winery is a great paying job as long as you can get your wine to sell. In order to get a steady flow of capital coming in you have to push your product. Training to own a winery can be found in books at your local library. Wineries can only be grown in certain climates though. Check what climate and weather conditions are good for wineries in your area. Owning a winery can be more expensive than owning a regular farm because you have to include bottles and labels in your overhead. This can be a fun job especially if you like to try different wines and it can be a well-paying job.

When choosing what type of farm you would like to open it is important to always choose the one that you are always going to love doing. Also the climate and your specific expertise are two important factors when deciding which farm to open.

Farming is a job that you definitely have to have a knack for, and you can't mind having to work outside in the heat or cold. Employment to work as a farmer is never going to fade away. People are always going to need their dairy products and fruits. If you enjoy knowing that you are putting food on people's table then this is definitely a job for you. Working as a farmer is a very tiring job, but at the end of the day you can go to bed satisfied with a job well done.

Working as a farmer is a job that might not always pay well but to live a farming lifestyle you do not need as much money because you live off the land and support yourself. You supply yourself with your own milk, your own food, and maybe even your own cloths. Also it is important to make sure that you are in the physical shape to start farming before you do start.