What are the advantages of working on a cruise liner

The job on the ship is a reward by itself. The fact that you can travel the whole world, learn about different people and cultures, see new places, experience new cuisine and on top of it be paid for it can be for many, a dream come true. This is what a job on the ship will offer you; a dream-come-true experience. For those with stars in their eyes and an avid thirst for traveling nothing can be better than this job.

The greatest thing about the ship job is that you get to see the world at its best. The luxury liners will have their itinerary fixed to cover the best possible locations around the globe. As part of the ship crew you will be having first hand knowledge of the best things that each of these exotic locales offer and you will be able to enjoy these places just as much as the passengers you are catering for.

Some of the most popular cruises cover a multitude of destinations from Europe to America to Africa in one trip leaving you totally spell bound with the variety and beauty of the world. You will learn to feel at home virtually rubbing shoulders with the Alaskan ice-bergs, soaking sun on Acapulco beaches in Mexico, eating python steak in South Africa and loosing yourself in the paradise of Hawaii.

The experience that the ship gives you can by itself be sufficient for your pay. However, come to think of it, the remuneration in terms of cash usually exceeds your best expectations.

Life long friendships
The ship crew is constituted from people of many countries, sometimes as many as 80. You can just imagine the diversity of cultures and language that you are likely to encounter during your career on the ship. One great thing here is that the vast majority of the employees are peoples people, who love company and love making friends. Many of the crew build some life-long relationships from the ship, including marriages, inspite of the diversity and difference in cultures and traditions.

For many this aspect is one of the greatest advantages of the job, much better than the pay, or the exposure to the different world famous locations, or the luxurious ambiance of the cruisers. There are people from Romania, from Italy, from USA, from UK, from Germany, from Spain and so many other places.

This is a great place to learn new languages, new cultures, new religions and in general to learn that human being are actually the same the world over, inspite of the vast diversity of their background. The exposure can teach you a great deal about life in general and three-four years on a ship can make you a much wiser and tolerant human being than ever before.