What are the job possibilities in a ski resort ?

There are three main categories of ski resort jobs namely students, seasonal workers and permanent employees. Students work at ski resorts over holiday periods for the adventure, income and inexpensive holidays. The seasonal workers return to the ski resorts in peak times to fill certain positions. They travel to different parts of a country and the world to find employment. The permanent employees build experience and skills in certain areas and make a career in the ski industry. There are also two main distinctions in ski resort jobs: inside and outside positions.

Inside ski resort jobs
These positions include restaurant personnel, bar staff, cleaners, receptionists, hosts and hostesses, porters, doormen, kitchen staff, chefs, cashiers, bookkeepers, child minders, and housekeeping personnel. Many of the workers enjoy the early and late night shifts since they can ski or do sightseeing during the day. Inside ski resort jobs are ideal for those people who are not champion skiers.

Outdoor ski resort jobs
A large number of the support personnel also work on the slopes. These positions include machine attendants, maintenance staff, lift operators, rescue workers, car attendants, and security personnel. Some technical abilities are needed for maintenance and machine operation jobs, but ski experience is not essential. These positions are ideal for candidates who would rather work with objects than people and love the outdoor lifestyle.

Specific ski resort jobs

Ski sales This position entails ticket sales, ski equipment renting, and retail sales.

Technical ski assistant The technical ski assistant is responsible for fitting the ski equipment for customers. The job entails excellent customer care and an eye for detail. A certificate is required.

Ski producer agent The ski producer agent markets the manufacturers equipment to retail outlets. This is ideal for people with a flare for selling and public relations work. It entails a lot of traveling.

Ski instructor The ski instructor is the most glamorous position but it requires skill, experience, training and certification.

Ski trainer The ski trainer is an instructor who coaches people in advance ski skills.

Ski rescue worker The ski rescue worker assists skiers who are hurt or in danger. The position requires skill, training and the ability to work under pressure. The ski rescue worker position is a dangerous job that requires excellent ski skills.

Other positions Other ski resort jobs include journalists, drivers and guides. All of them require some training and experience.