What are the option to work in BaseBall

By Michael Rosenthal

There are countless careers out there, but if you're a baseball lover like me, the thought of being able to work in professional baseball becomes intriguing, if not altogether tantalizing. In fact, several endeavors in the baseball industry actually put you in the stadium of choice where you might get to enjoy moments of the games as they are being played. Having been around the game now for over four decades, I can honestly say that ,writing articles about baseball (along with the other major sports), has become my passion over the past several years.

But that may not be the avenue of endeavor for you. What works for one person may not work for another. Every individual is unique, every dream is different, and not everyone is cut out for this. I will tell you right up front that it will take a lot of patience, due diligence, and possibly pursuing additional education. Did I just throw a negative in there? You bet I did. It may be an unfortunate thing for some, but there may come a time when you have to ask yourself do I really want to work in professional baseball? Never forget though that it is never too late to