What are the requirements for paralegal certification?

A professional paralegal certification can be a good option for those who wish to work in the exciting field, but surprisingly, it is not an actual requirement to work as a paralegal. Currently, getting a paralegal certification is a voluntary process that involves taking a specific set of paralegal courses and then sitting for a paralegal certification exam supervised by a nationally recognized association of paralegals or legal secretaries. A certification as a paralegal can help you to stand out among other paralegals for career growth opportunities.

In most cases, the requirements of paralegal certification include a minimum of five years of experience in paralegal work. Some paralegal certifications also include the requirement of having a two- to four-year degree in paralegal studies obtained from an accredited school. To earn the certificate, one must pass the certification exam once the above requirements are obtained. To maintain paralegal certification, an individual must gain continuing education credit every few years.