What is a typical day at work like for avionics technicians?

A typical day at work for avionics technicians consists of a variety of tasks including providing preventative maintenance, writing reports, troubleshooting, and modifying and repairing airplane components. While no two avionics technicians will work on the exact same set of equipment, they must have the general knowledge to work on any part of an aircraft to make sure that it operates safely and according to government regulations at all times. Avionics technicians most often work in a production environment or outside on the airfield, inspecting and repairing airplanes. The work is very physically challenging and requires long hours inside airplane chambers and uncomfortable settings, working hands-on with detailed processes. Many avionics technicians work swing shifts of 4 days on and 3 days off, but others work as many as 60 hours or more a week to meet deadlines.