What is a typical day like for a teaching assistant at work?

For a teaching assistant, the work routine generally does not vary greatly from day to day. Teaching assistants who are on call may receive notification the day before or early in the morning of an expected day of work. Others have pre-scheduled work days and report to work at the same time as the teachers. Teaching assistants are expected to report promptly to the classrooms where they are provided with written lesson plans or verbal instructions from lead teachers. Teaching assistants then work with children as a group or individually to complete assignments. The work involves a great deal of walking and standing in front of classrooms to deliver lessons and squatting or sitting to work at the students' eye levels. Teaching assistants are expected to gather completed work for grading by the teacher. Teaching assistants also help teachers to prepare for the next class or day of school by putting out materials and making sure office supplies are ready for students. In addition, teaching assistants may serve as hallway or lunch room monitors to help keep students safe in the school.