What is a typical workday like for a paralegal job?

Depending on the type of legal area or firm where work is performed, the typical workday for a paralegal job can vary. Paralegals are essentially the support system for attorneys, and therefore the work done is absolutely vital to the performance of the law firm or agency. There are paralegals who work for private firms and those who work for large corporations or even as freelance paralegals, so their duties can be very different day to day.  

Paralegals may spend a good part of the workday preparing legal forms, researching for information such as deeds and wills, or consulting with clients to gather information for the lawyers they work for. In addition, paralegals may be required to travel to various courthouses, real estate sites or financial offices as needed. A typical day for a paralegal can be very unpredictable, as each case is different and has its unique demands.