What is a typical workday like for an ambulance driver?

While each ambulance driver's experience can vary depending on the scope and type of driving work performed, the general ambulance driver workday experience can be similar. Ambulance drivers are expected to report to work on time, uniformed and ready to tackle any challenge. Many report for roll call at odd hours, such as very early in the morning or late in the evening. Each ambulance driver is assigned a vehicle for that shift and must inspect it to ensure all equipment is in place before heading out. There are generally two people per vehicle, one to drive and the other to handle the back of the ambulance and administer life-saving care during transport, switching as needed. Ambulance drivers typically work 12- to 24-hour shifts, with short breaks. When there are a high number of emergency calls, ambulance drivers are often required to work as many as 48 hours straight, followed by two to three days off to recuperate. Ambulance drivers may be asked to perform work from basic patient transportation to actual medical care on the scene of an accident or fire.