What is an office manager work day like?

Since organizations can vary and no two office manager work arrangements are the same, each day may be a little different. However, there are many office manager responsibilities that are similar. The average office manager's day is spent maintaining a continual flow of productivity at the office so that this work results in completing projects and tasks and meeting customer's needs. An office manager is also responsible for the physical office itself, to maintain a work environment where the company mission is carried out.

On any given day, an office manager will be tasked with making sure that subordinates are performing their duties with efficiency to meet the goals of the organization. These tasks can be anything from general office work to dealing with customers. Office managers stay on top of all projects and delegate work as needed to get the job done. In addition, the office manager is responsible for reporting to general managers the results of these efforts so that company executives can be advised of the office performance.