What is the starting salary range for actor jobs?

The average starting salary range for actor jobs is difficult to pinpoint, as it depends on the level of acting to be performed. For example, the average starting salary for stage actors is going to be much less than the average starting salary of television and major film actors and actresses for several factors. Stage actors spend on average of five hours on stage at a time daily and perform for small audiences, while major television and film actors may be on set for eight or more hours daily for many months to complete a project, and their performances are broadcast to much larger audiences.

In 2010, the salary for actors will range from an average starting salary of $23,000 USD annually to well over tens of millions of dollars for Hollywood's highest paid actors. A new actor can expect to earn just enough to get by on until he has established himself in some decent acting roles. Once better roles have been accomplished, an actor can demand higher wages and can eventually earn enough to be more selective about acting jobs.