What types of summer camps are there?


Many different types of speciality sports camps are out there and they are vastly popular. Parents will send their children to these camps because they help the children grow as athletes. This is also a great way to get a kid excited about camp. Sports camps are available for basketball, soccer, baseball, tennis, golf; virtually any sport you can think of, there is a summer camp specially designed for it.

Gender specific

Gender specific camps are just camps that are exclusive to a certain sex. Boys and girls camps can offer a general summer camp curriculum, or they can be specialized like many of the types of camps listed in this section.


Religious summer camps are places that children can go to be with members of the same religion. People often claim that religious summer camps gave them their best spiritual experience, because everyone attending wanted to be there for the same reason. Normal camp activities still occur, but worship services and religion specific activities are added as well.


There are also camps just for the BSA (Boy Scouts of America) or the Girl Scouts. A scouting camp operates almost exactly the same as a normal summer camp, except counselors may be replaced by scout troop leaders. These camps also include areas where scouts can earn some of their merit badges, and some camps even offer CPR certification classes.


Fitness camps can serve two purposes. First, they can help someone lose weight by putting them on a tight schedule and diet and surrounding them with people with a common goal. Second, they can just be for the exercise enthusiast. Activities typically include hiking, aerobics, yoga, rafting, zip lining, and other strenuous activities.

Special Needs

These camps are designed with special needs children in mind. There are camps available for mentally retarded, blind, deaf, cancer patients, asthmatics, along with many others. This is a great way for a child to go to a camp but not feel threatened or deterred by the thought of being an 'outcast.'

Day Camps

Day camps operate just like a regular summer camp, except the campers do not sleep on the camp's grounds. These camps are typically for younger children and usually last for about a week.

Theme Camps (specific interests)

The best way to describe a theme camp is to give an example. Space camp is a place where children can go to learn all about space and being an astronaut. Theme camps are a fantastic way to get your child excited about camp and help him or her learn at the same time. Other examples of theme camps would be math camps or music camps.