When do I start my second career ?

Things To Consider When Planning Your Second Career

There are many reasons to choose a second career. Maybe you are tired of your current job and would welcome a change. Perhaps you have recently endured some life-changing event and want or need to rethink and regroup. Whatever the reason, planning a second career can prove just as, if not more rewarding than the first. You will also carry with you the skills and experiences you gained the first time around, and will grow to appreciate them all the more.

The first questions you should ask yourself when planning your second career is what would most enjoy doing for the remainder of your working years? This can be especially important if you chose your first career out of necessity or convenience, or harbor a secret longing to tread in uncharted waters. Whatever the reason, it is now time to assess your current training and experience, then weigh it with what will be required for the new career.

This may mean you will need additional training, or, at the very least, to update the training you have already received so you will familiar with the latest trends and changes to your particular industry or field. If your new career differs greatly from the old one, you may need to receive new training altogether, but you may be surprised to learn just how far your previous education and job experiences can take you.

Next, you should consider what you are willing to do to make it all work. This may mean making compromises and concessions, but if the desired end result is happiness, this won't seem quite as difficult as it may have in the past. Consider how each facet of the new career, i.e. planning, training, and the actual procurement of the job, will affect your current lifestyle, and figure out what you are willing to give up or change to make them happen. You may find you do not need to sacrifice much, or might discover several changes need to be made. Either way, think about how you will make those changes, and turn them into something positive that will work in favor of your new life change.

Be open-minded and always retain a positive attitude when moving through each stage of your career plan. Remember why you decided to make the change, and what led up to your decision to do so. Take advantage of every opportunity possible, and remember you are being afforded a second chance, one that should not be taken lightly.