Where to find the job in the Oil and Gas Industry

In case you are looking for a job in the Oil and Gas Industry, you must decide on the field of activity you want to work in. Of course, this will be a difficult thing to do if you have never worked before in the oil industry. Therefore, the best place to start is conducting a detailed research on the Internet, where you can find a lot of information about this industry.

You can choose working for companies that are larger or smaller, and that operate in one of the three sectors of the oil industry. Here are your choices:

  1. The Upstream activities are accomplished by companies that have as a main task the exploration and he production of oil. It is a large domain as it expands its activity to outside contractors, and the job opportunities are practically endless.
  2. The outside contacted companies deal with several aspects of the oil industry, such as drilling, seismic testing or providing supplies. If you get a job in this field, you might have the possibility to work al over the world, in locations such as The Arctic, Alaska or the Middle East. In this case, you must consider that working on different locations in the world might be exciting, but you will have to face all kinds of issues.

    • For example, the cold weather from the North Sea might not be on the taste of many applicants, who don't intend to work in conditions with extreme temperatures way below 0 Degrees.
    • When choosing the companies that operate in the Middle East regions, security might be another issue, due to the conflicts in the area.
    • The tar sands from Canada can be an occasion to explore several way of oil extraction and can be a true working experience.
  3. The Midstream activities include the transport and the refining of oil, and this includes oil pipelines, where plenty of jobs for undergraduates are available.
  4. The Downstream activities refer to selling the gas to distributors such as gas stations.

Working for the biggest companies on the Oil and Gas market, like Exxon Mobil, Shell or Chevron Texaco means that you can find jobs in any field of the oil industry, as those companies usually are involved in the entire chain of oil extraction, processing and distribution.

If you are more oriented towards smaller companies, you should know that they focus on a certain area of the oil industry, such as drilling or pipeline manufacturing.

Another option would be to search for jobs at outsourcing companies affiliated to the Oil and Gas industry, and that provide multiple services, from different facilities to installing the equipment.

After you have decided in what field of activity of the oil industry you want to be a part of, the natural step would be to submit your resume at the companies you are interested in.

  • Most of the times, the oil companies use recruitment centers in order to find their employees, but they also accept resumes from any applicants.

Finding jobs in the oil industry is not hard, is just like looking for any other job.

  • The Yellow Pages can be useful in finding and contacting different oil related companies for information and for finding where you can submit your resume, but any people who already work in the oil field can be helpful in providing details about jobs in their company.
  • Great places to start are also websites such as The Oilfield Workers Registry, that intermediate the employment in the oil industry. All you have to do is register and submit your resume. The websites are usually free of charge and they offer you many facilities like browsing for oil companies from various fields of activity, find out the contact information and direct links to their websites.

It is easy to find out all you need to know about the company and apply for the available jobs.