Which people are suited to work in Casinos ?

Casino work used to be dominated by men, but in recent years the scene changed so much that half the casino workforce now consists of women. Women are popular as dealers and waitresses.

The shift came about in the early 1970's when the first women dealer was employed on the Las Vegas Strip. This was a result of the introduction of slot machines in the casinos during the 1960's, as entertainment for women who waited for their husbands that played at the tables. It wasn't long before slot machines became popular and now even provide more than 60% of the casino revenues. This means that men and women have an equal opportunity in finding casino work, although more men are in management positions than women.

Payment and positions
Casinos employ enthusiastic and energetic people with a flair for handling difficult situations, love working with people, and are fast learners.

The hours are long while some shifts only end at 2 o'clock in the morning. The tips are good and you can easily make a day in tips when you start. You have to be willing to start at the smaller casinos and work you way up to the larger game rooms. Many casinos around the world provide their own in-house training and you may become a dealer within a short period.

Surveillance work pays less and is normally used by students as an extra income. You monitor activities in the casino by watching TV screens connected to hidden cameras.

Marketers and hosts give out free dinners, tickets and tokes. They take care of the VIP clients and make sure everyone is happy.

Floor managers supervise the dealers and all activities in the game rooms. They don't get tips and as such make less than the dealers. The pit boss is the next rank and supervises the managers. Then you get the shift boss and finally the casino boss. It takes on average ten years to reach the top in casino work.

Social life
Casinos cater for the risk takers and adventure seekers. These people enjoy fun and party and many get addicted to gambling. It can be heartbreaking to observe how people throw their life savings into a last desperate act for winning big. If you cannot distance yourself from other people's emotional problems, then you shouldn't even consider casino work.

Apart from gambling addictions, there is also excessive use of alcohol and drugs. This also influences casino employees who cannot help but also become part of the vibrant social life after their shifts end. If you have addiction tendencies, then rather pursue another type of career since the temptations are everywhere around casinos.

All the casinos test their employees for drug use and if found that you have used drugs even six months before, you will not be compensated if you get injured while at work. They are very strict about drug abuse and you will lose your job even if you used it after hours.

If you don't like to work with people or are rather shy, then casino work is also not for you. If you love social events, adrenalin rushes and people then you fit the right profile.