Who can work in the field?

The statistics have shown that the Oil and Gas Industry companies are confronted with the situation of the aging force of work. This situation occurred since the 80?s, when the oil industry passed through a crisis period and fewer people were hired. As a result, today the studies demonstrate that the average oil worker is 50 years old and that in the next years it will be necessary a major change of personnel.

Fortunately, the students have become more attracted in the last years on the geosciences, in spite of the powerful trends of the computer sciences. The companies that operate in the field of Oil and Gas Industry have seen this turn as the perfect opportunity to 'refresh' their human effectives.

Therefore, any graduates or students are welcomed to work on any of the companies, even as summer interns.

  • If you don't have a master degree yet, don't worry that you will not find a job well paid. The oil companies are willing to train the undergraduate employees, because the number of applicants that have a degree in geosciences is small.
  • You can increase your chances to find a job in the oil industry by attending some of the courses for petroleum engineering and geology in many of the universities.

The applicants with environmental studies are also great assets for the oil industry. The complexity of the oil industry requires all kinds of professionals to function on a daily basis, including computer programmers, doctors, cooks, engineers, chemists, as well as environmentalists and many other specialties.

Therefore, finding a job in the oil industry is not hard for the ones with such qualifications, because you don't need to have experience in the oil industry field. In fact, if you fit the profile, you will easily find oil companies willing to hire you from the first day you applied for their job.

  • In this case, you can try your luck and negotiate smartly ? you can obtain a good position in the company and receive great wages.
  • Many of the oil companies will offer consistent signing bonuses for the persons that fit the job's requirements.

For the applicants without any degrees that match the demands of an oil industry job, there is hope. They can find jobs that require no experience in the field, but in entry-level positions.

  • The oil industry has open positions for them in areas such as production, refining or transportation, because the other fields such as engineering and oil exploration require engineering degrees or advanced training.
  • In time, after attending the training courses offered by the employer companies, people without the proper qualifications will be able to find higher positions in the company.

Regardless your qualifications for working in the oil industry, you must consider some aspects before applying for a job in this domain:

  • You must have at least 18 years old.
  • Applying for a job in the oil industry requires you to have an 'Emergency First Aid Certificate' or WHMIS (Workplace Hazardous Materials System Information) certificate, or any other safety training that was taken with a recognized instructor.
  • Be drug-free, because most of the companies will ask for an alcohol and drug screenings before hiring you.