Why do you want to be famous?

Money, recognition, invites to great parties, meeting other famous people, respect, love, get to wear glamorous clothes and go to glamorous places, you get given free stuff from top designers, buy your own jet ? the list is potentially endless! You may think ''why wouldn't I want to be famous'' with perks like this!

Fulfilling a grand list of wants isn't the only reason you want to be famous.

You may also feel that fame is the only way to find purpose and meaning for your existence or that you wish to be immortal, and finding a way onto some permanent public record or entry into a history book is the way to achieve that! Perhaps you lack self-confidence and just want to be loved????by thousands of people!

Some psychologists believe that people who actively seek fame for fames sake are longing for some attention and love that was perhaps lacking in childhood. They are unable to obtain those things from people they know so they seek to obtain it from strangers. Could that be you?

Do you really want to get into the fame game?

If fame is achieved then it must be great being at the top, but what happens when you're at the top and you just can't stop or you fall back down to the bottom again?

There are downsides to being famous?..

What about all that press intrusion and not being able to go out and fail and be ordinary without being photographed?

What about having your ex lover sell intimate details of your life together after you dump him/her or worse after he/she dumps you!

What happens when the press turns against you and start saying you're the world?s worst dresser, the world?s worst lover, the world?s worst???..etc! They observe every fashion no no and every kilo you add on or take off.

What do you do when you pick up a magazine and your lover?s image is there with another man/woman in an intimate embrace? Why was the world the first know about their affair!

Will you know who your true friends are?

Can you maintain a relationship when you travel and work away for long periods?

What about children, will you have time to have any, will your partner deny the child?s his and have a public battle to prove paternity!

Will you end up in rehab!


While you are longing for fame, keep it in perspective. Having your right to anonymity ceases and you become public property. If you want fame for fames sake be aware of the pros and cons equally and make sure you have a solid family/friendship base to return to should it not work out or if it does and does not last.