Why should one work in a Casino?

Several motives leap to the attention for deciding on casino employment. The reasons vary from obtaining cash fast, to just enjoying working in an exciting environment.

The minimum training for jobs at casinos
You don't have to be qualified to get a job in the casino industry. There are no degrees required. If you have a background in customer relations or have a bit of experience in tourism, finance or management, you can without difficulty obtain casino employment. A sales background can land you a job in marketing and advertising management.

Dealers must have at least some gambling school training or be willing to undergo three weeks instruction. Many of the casinos offer training for free and still pay a minimum wage while the employee is taught. You can also attend a private game school and enhance your employment possibilities. The training is normally very affordable and the initial capital layout can be redeemed within the first two months.

Promotion possibilities
If you are willing to start at the lowest level and work your way up, you will find that you can become a manager within no time without business school training. The industry is always employing new candidates and promote from within their ranks. Besides the gambling floor of the casinos, there are many opportunities behind the scenes such as money counters, receptionists, food and beverage managers, marketers and dock loading supervisors.

Benefits of casino employment
You are allowed to enjoy gambling after hours and make some winnings of your own. Apart from the entertainment offered around the casinos you'll have enough spending money to do some sightseeing. Your chances of winning are increased because of your experience in dealing cards or being around gamblers. The support personnel and dealers make huge amounts from tokens and some even earn up to an evening.

Many of the casinos offer dental and other medical coverage, and some offer retirement plans for employees who are with the casino longer than six months.

Some of the casinos offer their employees free meals at their restaurants during working hours, while others also provide paid holidays for permanent personnel.

The casinos encourage training programs and reimburse permanent employees for courses completed that relate to their current casino employment. This can save an employee thousands of dollars and make it possible to move up the ranks faster due to certification. The employees are sometimes housed in the hotels or staff accommodation, which reduce living costs.